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    This book, published in 1912, definitely shows its age It is Eurocentric without commenting on that fact, as one example the print is teeny tiny and the language is a bit stuffy and quaint That said, this is an amazing catalog of European Christmas related traditions from the first introductions of Christianity to the early 20th century No doubt many of the practices described herein have already vanished Miles traces the history of indigenous religious practices that were simply renamed and tweaked a little to be given the patina of Christianity in later centuries, including examples that are straight up witchcraft, sympathetic magic, and or animism Aside from the fascinating practices and traditions included here, many of which were entirely new to me, the most interesting thing that struck me was Miles s repeated comments in...

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    Fantastic A remarkable resource for anthropologists, historians, and folklorists alike A scholarly work that, despite its age, remains a valuable addition to any academic collection I find myself turning again and again to its well thumbed pages while researching a varied range of subjects.

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    Originally published in 1912, the tone is devotional than a modern reader would expect The book is divided into two parts, the Christian Feast, and the longer, Pagan Survivals As expressed in the preface, the book is intended for the average reader that aspires to appeal to the budding scholar, and expects most are interested in the latter section The work is ambitious in scope, and depth The amount of information is utterly astonishing I doubt there is another book meant for the lay person as detailed, and careful in discussing European wide traditional celebrations one would be a scholar by the book s end The introduction is a fine example of what is to follow, developing concepts such as origin and purpose of festivals, Pagan and Christian elements, named of the festival, Kalends of January, Yule and Teutonic festivals, to name a few of the topics mentioned in this brief portion.Part One leaps first into poetry of several nations, specifically, Italy, England, France, Spain, and Germany, rarely translated, examining the content as a study of the aspects each time, and region focused their celebration Following is a chapter for Liturgy and Popular Devotion, then, Drama, in detail, with several examples in the original languages for a proper sense of what...

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    I didn t really make it through this book More than anything I skimmed it The customs and traditions it addresses are those from Europe and ones that date so far back in time that most of them are obsolete Rome, Paris, Germany, and Britain make up the bulk of the countries whose traditions are talked about in this book As another reviewer mentioned, the language used is rather quaint since the book was original...

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    This is a survey of the history and folklore surrounding Christmas and related holidays, originally published in England in 1912 Part I covers the history of Christmas as a Christian feast day and how that developed Part II discusses pre Christian festivals and observances and how a lot of them survived by being given a Christian veneer feasting, the Yule log, mistl...

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    A great overview of the history of Christmas See my complete review at my blog

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    The title says it all.

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