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My Story: A Photographic Essay on Life with Multiple Sclerosis My Story Is An Evocative Description Of What It Is Like To Live With Multiple Sclerosis, A Disease That Affects About 350,000 Americans And Whose Cause Is Still Not Entirely Known The Essays And Accompanying Photographs Poignantly Portray The Lives Of Thirty Two Men And Women From The Ages Of Seventeen To Seventy And Of Various Ethnicities And Socio Economic Backgrounds Who Share The Challenge Of Living With MS Some Use No Mobility Aids, While Others Use Canes, Wheelchairs, Or Electric Scooters All Have Had To Face The Challenges And Limitations That MS Has Imposed Upon Their Lives, And Each Has Devised Unique And Often Creative Coping Strategies Accompanying Each Essay Are Commentaries By Family Members And Friends That Express Their Own Personal Feelings And Experiences Of Living With This Disease Treatments And Therapies For Slowing The Progression Of The Disease Are Revealed And Shared, From The Latest Advances In Prescription Medication To Alternative Methods Of Coping, Including Yoga Exercise And Competitive Sports Creative Activities Such As Writing And Art And Even Community Activism Highly Motivating And Deeply Inspirational, My Story Will Be Welcomed By Anyone Who Lives With Or Shares The Life Of Someone Who Has MS.

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    When I received this book from a fellow MS buddy, my expectations for it were high seeing that it used photography to tell the stories of those living with MS To my surprise, photography has very little to do with the book I ll be honest here to say I was a bit disappointed My Story features essays written by dozens of people living with the disease, as well as accompanying essays by their partners, family members, friends or attendants on what it s like to care for them in times of need There are some familiar faces for those of us in the MS community, and no matter what classification of MS one might have, there are stories that will be relatable From the athletes who can manage their symptoms easily to the champions who fight every day to live, this book proves that when you ask someone to define their MS, their reply will begin with two simple words, My story Now I don t know if it was intended or not, but the title s initials share something in common with the disease, M y S tory While I was able to relate to many of the essays written, the only one that can really describe my MS is my story to tell.I was diagnosed in late 2003, though I had been ex...

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    I thought this book was very uplifting, and true in accounts of all the stories My mom has had MS for about 14 years, I grew up with it, as I am now 20 years of age I don t remember thinking much of it, I was used to it She walked slower, and hasn t very much strength left, but she is one of the most positive people that I know If you saw her walking around, and didn t know her very well you would assume nothing is wrong, she has to try really hard to walk normally Which s...

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    It took quite a while but I have learned many things about life and about myself since my diagnosis I am the same person whether I can still shoe horses or not if I can t do that, I can still do something else Finding something you can do that you love helps you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally Be flexible, have goals and remember that certain forces are beyond everyone s control We need to fight back to find out what we can do and can t do If there is something we can t do we must adjust and readjust if necessary One of the reasons I consider myself lucky is because I believe in myself and have not quit trying to make things happen This is the only life I have My real job is to continue to grow personally and spiritually, to love and to enjoy myself along the way No disease can take my real job away Everyone has limitations, and we can choose to focus either on what we can do or on what we can t do One helps us in our real job and one does not, but it s our choice DaveMSWorld support website I believe that today is th...

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    Stories of people with MS and photographs also The editor lets the people speak for themselves and tell their own story in one to there pages each The stories vary but are largely positive and upbeat I wish the pictures were larger.

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    I really did like this book It is wonderfully done and I like how each chapter focuses on a different person their loved ones The pictures are fantastic and I really like the format of this book I recommend it to young old people alike.