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Sparks in Cosmic Dust (Cosmic Frontiers #1) The Final Frontier Is Shrinking Interstellar Planetary Administration Sanctions Are Forcing The Border Colonies Of Deep Space Into Extinction Kappa Max Is One Of The Last Major Cutthroat Outposts, Home To The Lawless And The LonelyVarinia Wilcox, The Star Attraction Of A Lucrative Bordello Gambling House.Solomon Bodine, Spurned By His Lover And Looking For Distraction.Clayton Barry, AWOL And A Few Drinks Away From Having To Live In The Gutter.Lyssa Foaloak, A Double Crossing Criminal Who Ll Kill Anyone For A Few Credits Four Strangers, Each With Secrets That Could Cost Them Their Freedom, Are Desperate To Get Off Planet They Meet Grace Peters, A Cynical Ex Doctor With An Intriguing Offer A Six Month Trip To A Faraway Moon Where She Claims A Stunning Fortune Awaits But This Adventure Is No Easy Escape Danger, Passion, Secrets And Madness Await Can They Survive The Mission, And Each Other, To Make It Out Alive 87,000 Words

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    I found the concept and the characters intriguing, very believable in the given circumstances The world was well drawn and each aspect of the story was in line with the context of the setting I ll be reading from this author.

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    Another fantastic read by Robert Appleton I was looking forward to this after reading his steampunk Mysterious Lady Law It took me a few chapters to get into it, there s so much character and world building But once I got my bearings, I couldn t put it down stayed up reading one night until I realized it was 4am Couldn t wait to get back to it and find out how it ended Reminded me a little of Firefly and the whole ragtag crew on a dangerous illegal job in outer space thing There was something a bit like Patience in the character Grace, and a bit like Jayne and Inara in Solo...

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    Read all my reviews at in Cosmic Dust by Robert Appleton is a rollicking, adventurous science fiction romance The emphasis is on the adventure and the science fiction, not so much on the romance But that was fine by me.Sparks is the story of five hard luck characters in search of their tickets to fortune None of them are interested in fame In fact, a couple of them have already been there and done that What they all want is a one way ticket out of hardscrabble and into the ranks of the mega rich, as well as a one way ticket back to civilization from the intergalactic boondocks.Grace Peters has the map and the ship The map leads to a planet chock full of a hard to mine but very desirable mineral used to power rocketship engines Grace is a crusty old woman who has been there, done that and seen and done everything She also can t resist commenting about it.Clay and Lyssa are both on the run Neither of them knows what the other is on the run from, and neither of them cares But Clay s secrets are a lot bigger and important than Lyssa s.Varina and Solomon are also on the run Solomon is mostly running from his immaturity and insecurity But Varina, Varina has lots of secrets she needs to keep track of, and hers catch up to her even before Clay s catch up to him.But all those secrets, and all that running, mean that everyone is than happy to take off with G...

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