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    REVIEW FROM THE BLACK LION JOURNAL READ REVIEW WITH PICTURES by Christina LydiaBenazir Bhutto Dared To Be Political, Faced Strong Opposition, Paid With Her Life

    The exact details that occurred in Pakistan on December 27, 2007 are forever muddled in politics and history what we do know is that twice Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the first woman prime minister of an Islamic nation, was assassinated that day.

    Talking about a woman who was once in a position of high power, living within dominant world views which dictate that her womanly presence be shunned from the public s eye, is something not unfamiliar in history Even now we see value put toward the opposite sex s accomplishments, shunning women from the often well deserved spotlight.However the way historians may want to record the life of Benazir Bhutto if it be an emphasis on her claimed corruption or on the mysterious details of her death let it not be forgotten that Bhutto was a woman who once held strong influence over a people of many perspectives.My interest in Bhutto was peeked when I picked up a book from the dollar store about her life The unauthorized mini biography of Bhutto s accomplishments and her role as the Prime Minister of Pakistan was written by Mary Englar for the Signature Lives Modern World Series The Series is primarily aimed for the children juvenile audience and is published by Compass Point B...

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    Strong beginning but the end created questions then it answered All together I enjoy the Signature Lives series as quick history lessons.

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