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Picking Up The Pieces From Britain S Foremost Criminal Psychologist And Bestselling Author, A Companion Volume To His Award Winning Autobiography, The Jigsaw Man.Paul Britton Can Walk Through The Minds Of Those Who Murder, Rape, Torture, Extort And Kidnap That Is Why The Police Call On Him To Help With Many High Profile Criminal Investigations And Catch Those Responsible How Does He Do It In This Unique And Revealing Book, He Reveals The Psychological And Forensic Foundations Upon Which He Has Based His Expertise It Is A Remarkable Journey Into The Darkest Recesses Of The Human Mind From Top Security Prisons And Mental Hospitals To Ordinary Outpatients Clinics, Britton Introduces Us To His Clinical And Forensic Work Over The Past Twenty Years During That Time, He Has Interviewed, Assessed And Treated People With Damaged Or Broken Minds Paul Britton Shows That The Answers Are Often Found, Not At The Crime Scene, But Hidden Away Within Someone S Mind, Or Deep In Their Past Here He Reveals The Process By Which He Unlocks And Deciphers The Truth.

About the Author: Paul Britton

He is perhaps the UK s leading psychological profiler.Paul Britton was born in 1946 Following degrees obtained in psychology from Warwick and Sheffield universities, he has spent the last twenty years working as a consultant clinical and forensic psychologist He has advised the Association of Chief Police Officers Crime Committee on offender profiling for many years and currently teaches postgr

10 thoughts on “Picking Up The Pieces

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    Not as good as The Jigsaw Man, but still a remarkable insight into the world of crime.

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    Overall this book felt disjointed and I couldnt help but feel that it was a rather lame attempt to eke out another book on the back of The Jigsaw Man an excellent read which detailed how Paul Britton aided the police in a number of high profile murder cases in the UK Some reviewers have argued that it contained less of the dark appeal of its predecessor I would disagree but would argue that the tales in this book lacked the appeal and were highly repetetive in nature I lost count of the number of times that Britton said why are you the way you are and how did you get here in relation to a client There was little content in relation to Britton how ...

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    So far, an interesting read but I can t help thinking that Paul Britton is not quite as useful or accurate in his analysis as he thinks he is Nevertheless, his 2 books on my shelf are well worth reading.

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    Brilliant I just started the book for a project I enjoy looking into my own worlds from a experienced mind No doubt I will learn something If you are interested in criminal psychology or already in the field then READ this.

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    Simply brilliant After reading the jigsaw man I had to read this, its written so well and is a fascinating read and look into how a criminals mind works, how the became the person they are and how they are caught and or rehabilitated

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    Page turner Thought you couldn t improve on the jigsaw man but this is even better going into depth especially about patients we have never heard about unless they went on to commit murder.

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    I find books like this fascinating I read nothing but non fiction Anything which has a puzzle element to it just fascinates me and I want to know Who What Why and Where So Paul Britton s books are right up my street The Jigsaw Man equally as good.

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    Amazing I did not want to put this book down It s well written and keeps you wanting to find out I loved This just as much as jigsaw man.

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    This book stands out as one of the best true crime compendiums I have ever read Instead of following the life of the killer, you see it from the perspective of the author, a forensic psychologist.

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    Another great read from Paul Britton his insights into the world of forensic psychology are fascinating

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