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Rising Up (Karma, #4) PDF Epub Rising Up Karma, 4 By Patrice Fitzgerald Thomashillier.co.uk Following The Sky Used To Be Blue, Cleaning Up, And Deep Justice, This 15,000 Word Novella Set In The World Of WOOL Is The Fourth In The Bestselling Kindle Sci Fi Karma Series After A Hellish Three Months Locked In The Private Inner Sanctum Of IT, Karma And Her Family Emerge, Bloodied And Forever Changed Rick Is A Man Who Is No Longer In Control Mars Has Become The Power In The Silo.And Karma Is About To Be Charged With Murder.Death Came With The Uprising Fighting With Guns, Knives, And Bombs, Many Killed Or Were Killed Now Those Who Survived Must Pick Up The Pieces And Go Forward Twenty Five Years Into Silo Life, The Realities Are Still The Same The Stairs, The Water, The Outside And The Suffocating Inside.

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    Rising Up is the fourth book in the Karma series and it does not disappoint I don t want to give anything away but I think I m in love with Karma I was curious about her life when Hugh Howey mentioned her in SHIFT Now, to have her life story told in such an elegant manner is wonderful I hig...

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    I enjoyed this one muchnow that I m back in the series This one picks up where the last one left off without a big jump in time A lothas become clear to Karma and Rick since coming back from there time in IT I almost didn t want to continue since I m not caught up with all the SHIFT series an...

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    Can t wait for the final installment to learn where Fitzgerald will take this superb addition to the Wooliverse of Hugh Howey And by the way, Karma is a fantastic, wholly believable character that I have be...

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    Chaos breaks out in the Silo and its unclear who the perpetrators are, but violence is rife and Karma, Rick and Mars find themselves trapped with a couple of murderous enemies Rick is injured but his injury brings forth a part of his personaly Karma thought had been lost.

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    I m enjoying the Karma series very much I love finding out what happened to Helen, and she gets to have adventures of her own My only criticism is that the series is broken into 5 separate e books, when it could have easily been 3 Oh well, at least they re cheap

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    Pretty good story 4 in a series of 5 The final chapter yet to come.

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    August 2013

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