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Nantucket Sawbuck (Henry Kennis Mystery, #1) PDF Epub Nantucket Sawbuck Henry Kennis Mystery, 1 Author Steven Axelrod Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us When Nantucket Homeowner Preston Lomax Is Killed In His McMansion, Everyone On The Island Could Be A Suspect Lomax Lived Large, Owed Money, And The Word Was Spreading He Was Planning To Stiff Them All And Disappear Chief Of Police Henry Kennis, A Newcomer From California, Finds Himself Investigating With Help From The State Police Together They Solve The Case Or So It Appears But Kennis Can T Shake The Feeling That They Ve Missed Something Kennis Soon Discovers Scandals And Intrigues Behind The Scenes In One Of America S Most Exclusive Resort Locations This Glamorous Setting Hosts An Eclectic Cast Of Local Characters Oddball Journalists, Surfing Carpenters, Drug Dealers, Wealthy Homeowners, And Their Slacker Children Kennis Uncovers A Truth That Lies Somewhere Between The Bad Blood And The Good Neighbors And Realizes That The Real Answer Hits Painfully Close To Home.

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    Move over Michael Connelly, Steven Axelrod is here, and here to stay Others have critiqued the editing of the book,i thought reviews were for the story and the writing of it, and if so, this author is headed to the top Crisp, concise chapters and good lord his dry wit is an added bonus It s a murder mystery centered around greed, and takes place on a Massachusetts island Every time i thought to myself, AHA guilty i d read on and then think oh wait, noaha HE S guilty Nantucket Sawbuck keeps you on your toes with a smirk on your face till the very end I grew up on the coast of Mass myself, in a town where this description also fit, where delusional yuppy puppies we...

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    this book does not appear to be edited The proof reader must have used spell check and never did the actual reading The story was good but I had trouble with the poor quality of the written word.

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    While maybe not as good as Nantucket Red Ticket. Mr Axelrod s latest addition to his Henry Kennis Mystery series, I did enjoy this almost, if not as much as I did the newest one Apparentely, while choosing this book, without realizing it, I chose the first book instead of say the 4th or say the 2nd That s not to say I didn t enjoy it One of the reasons I gave it a 3 star instead of say 4 or 5 is partially due to me having trouble at times following along with conversations in the book, missing words, etc Some people may say that they don t necessarily like a book like this to go back in time before proceeding to solve said crime I however kind of enjoy this I feel like it kind of gives a back story on the characters involved, or not involved Just like in Nantucket Red Tickets, there definitely feels like a resolute conclusion to it all The guilty party are apprehended, arrested, etc The big suspects...

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    I give this 3 1 2 stars Henry Kennis is the police chief in ultra wealthy Nantucket He came from California and is divorced He is low key, amiable, and smart He writes poetry in his spare time I found that to be mostly irrelevant When rich, obnoxious Preston Lomax is found murdered it seems just about anyone in town could be the culprit Lomax was hated by his wife, sons, all the carpenters and painters building his McMansion, and the the local newspaper editor, just to name a few The police and state investigators seem to want this solved and solved quickly, so they latch on to each suspect and hope that they have the right one But Henry wants to think it through He isn t satisfied to jump to the easiest solution It seems there are secrets in the small, elite community Lomax had a drug habit, his wife was unfaithful as most of the characters seem to be , and Lomax was planning on sneaking away without paying for his home or the big mall he was pl...

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    Throughout Chapter One Preston Lomax lists the various people who want to kill him along with their motivations Chapter Two begins with Preston Lomax murdered From their the author takes us on a back and forth journey as we follow the...

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    The story itself was good, but the punctuation and grammar were horrible I think the author mentioned in Nantucket that he was looking for a new editor because of this sort of thing If you can get past that, it s a pretty good read.

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    Good first in the series It is set in Nantucket.

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    Did not like the writing style nor story development of this author.

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    Steven Axelrod in his new book, Nantucket Sawbuck Book One in the Henry Kennis Mystery series published by Poisoned Pen Press introduces us another adventure with Henry Kennis.From the back cover When Nantucket homeowner Preston Lomax is killed, everyone on the island could be a suspect Lomax lived large, owed money, and the word was spreading he was planning to stiff them all and disappear Chief of Police Henry Kennis, a newcomer from California, finds himself investigating with help from the State Police Together they solve the case or so it appears But Kennis can t shake the feeling that they ve missed something.Kennis soon discovers scandals and intrigues behind the scenes in one of America s most exclusive resort locations This glamorous setting hosts an eclectic cast of local characters oddball journalists, surfing carpenters, drug dealers, wealthy homeowners, and their slacker children Kennis uncovers a truth that lies somewhere between the bad blood and the good neighbors and realizes that the real answer hits painfully close to home.There is a different murder mystery where a helper tells the investigator after each suspect questioning, he did it, she did it Get ready you are about to do that here as well This is some investigation And what a way to begin as Chief of Police for Henry Kennis If it is possible to ...

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    This is not a true mystery, of a mainstream novel with a mystery included It started off as a straight mystery but after Chapter 3, veered into the mainstream lane and stayed there, slowing the pace of the book to a crawl, until Chapter 22 Once Axelrod got back to the mystery, the story took off to a great climax Axelrod should have focused of those chapters on the mystery It would have made for an even engaging read.Over that 19 chapter span, Axelrod gave almost everyone on the island a chapter of their own interspersed with far too few from the point of view of Henry Kennis, the main character And that deluge of characters became almost overwhelming, to the point where it became nearly impossible to keep them all straight Henry is intelligent, a thinker, and a poet, a refreshing change from the to...

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