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Piper Days Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney BOOKS Piper Days Ultimate Guide To Avoiding George Clooney Vanessa Fewings Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Finding Romance In The World S Most Glamorous City Isn T Easy.For Piper Day, Fresh In Town To Work As A Studio Nurse On One Of Hollywood S Busiest Backlots, Finding Love Seems Impossible Two Men Who Couldn T Be Different Vie For Her Affection A Wildly Wealthy Actor Who Gleefully Bathes In The Adoration Of His Public And A Sweet, Humble Teacher Who Works At The On Lot Childcare Center Throw In The Task Of Having To Avoid One Of Hollywood S Biggest Celebrities Or Risk Losing Her Job, Piper S Life Is Anything But Smooth Sailing.On Any Given Day, Piper Can Be Helping A Patient On The Dusty Set Of A Western Or On The Futuristic Bridge Of A Starship Or In The Plush Office Of A Studio Executive She Never Knows Where A Nurse Will Be Needed Once She Enters The Legendary Gates Of Gemstone Studios.These Are The Adventures Of Piper Day, A Life Where Reality And Fantasy Tango In The Dream Soaked World Of Tinseltown.

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    5 Stage 9, Sunny stars spoiler free What I loved most about this romantic comedy aside from it s humor was it s originality There are many fiction celebrity books out there, but none quite like this.The book starts off with Piper finding herself in an awe struck yet embarrassing situation, which then sets the book up for some very humorous predicaments our heroin finds herself in.After her.um.run inPiper Day finds the most fantastic job at Hollywood s Gemstone studio, where her talent as a nurse truly shines Her job entails riding around in a gulf cart from studio to studio tending to the sick or injured celebrities and crew Hello I want that job At one point, Piper finds herself at studio 12 The same studio where Resident Hero is being filmed with lead actor George Clooney who she s trying to avoid Why Well, that I can t tell you In fact, I won t say any As much as I want to go into all the different characters and how they come together in the end, I don t want to spoil the fun What I can say is how much I loved it.The story was entertaining.The writing was solid All the characters were well written And there were lots of characters I...

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    Thank you for adding Piper Day

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    2.5 Corky Stars This book is about the adventures of Piper Day she is a registered Nurse who just landed a job in one of Hollywood most important movie studios working in their lot clinic The night before her first day at the job, she runs into George Clooney at the supermarket, now anybody would be thrilled if something like this happened to them but unfortunately for Piper, she is wearing her comfy PJ s, her bunny sleepers and her cart is full of George Clooney souvenirs that were on sale to raise funds for his charity, and to top at all, she has chocolate smeared all over her face, cute, right The next day she learns that dear Le George is at the studio where she works filming his new movie, now Piper makes it her mission to avoid the actor at all cost because she s afraid he ll think she is stalking him, and get her fired She gets into infinitive trouble trying to avoid him and we go along for the ride.The story is centered on Piper, her job, her friends, and her crazy adventures and while they were funny I thought this book was going to have a little romance but that wasn t the case at all.I picked up this book because I enjoy a little Chick lit from time to time, and I thought the cover was super cute and the blurb sounded comic and interesting Unfortunately it just didn t wor...

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    BOOK REVIEW Piper Day s Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney by Vanessa Fewings Christina Cannarella Get ready to roll out the red carpet as Piper Day will captivate audiences from 16 to 60 in what is a feel good, fun and refreshing read delivered in true Oscar winning style Kelly, Perusing Princesses www.perusingprincesses.com This was such a fun and refreshing story Piper Day is a real sweetheart who finds herself in quite a few unfortunate predicaments that will have you laughing your pretty little head off If you a looking for an easy, angst free, feel good factor read then this is definitely one for you What I loved about Piper is that she was real An ER nurse who makes it her mission in life to help others Her passionate, selfless demeanour gave this story a true sense of realism considering the backdrop of this tale is set amidst one of the most prestigious studio lot...

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    You can also find my review on my blog is the work of collaboration between authors Vanessa Fewings, whose The Stone Masters Vampire Series I love, and debut author Christina Cannarella All I can say is that I hope these gals team up for because this book was awesome Piper Day realizes she s hit the jackpot when she was hired for her new job as a nurse at Gemstone Studios in Hollywood I mean who wouldn t want to practice nursing at one of the biggest studios, rubbing elbows with movie stars and seeing the amazing work that goes into putting movies and TV shows together The only problem is that she was avoiding one of the biggest stars there was George Clooney It all started when she was on a junk food mission while having a break up cry fest with her BFF and ended up running into George In pajamas With a cart full of George Clooney merchandise And with chocolate smeared on her face She s convinced if he sees her on the lot, he will put her in the stalker category and she will lose this dream job And so, Operation Avoid The Clooney begins Who would have thought that in her mission to avoid George she would end up catching the eye of two very different, very handsome, bachelors How much can a gal juggle Talk about a laugh ...

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    This was a fun read with a refreshing take on celebrity fiction The running theme throughout the novel of avoiding George Clooney provided lots of humour and was very entertaining I loved the originality of seeing Hollywood through the eyes of a studio nurse working in Hollywood s Gemstone studio, an amazing job The characters were all very well written and the story was enjoyable without feeling forced My ...

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    I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway First off I loved this book It was so funny but it wasn t over the top I liked how I could relate to Piper and want to be her seeing celebrities It never seemed fake though This would be the best beach summer read

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    This was a quick, easy, fun read The main character occasionally got a little annoying when she got too analytical about things, and her obsessive avoidance of George Clooney was probably my least favorite thing in the book, but overall I enjoyed the book.

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    I liked this book It was funny and cute The heroine was endearing and it was exactly what I needed Easy to put down, but still enjoyable to get back to Very easy and light read The title is a bit misleading because George Clooney is not what this revolves around, but who cares.

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    Fantastic Read Some might say that the story is too preachy but I loved the manner in which the author preached I can t wait to read of the author s work.

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