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Le Théosophisme, histoire d'une pseudo-religion Many Readers Of Guenon S Later Doctrinal Works Have Longed To Hear The Tale Of His Earlier Entanglement, And Disentanglement, From The Luxuriant Undergrowth Of So Called Esoteric Societies In Late Nineteenth Century Paris And Elsewhere The Present Work Documents In Excoriating Detail Guenon S Findings On What Did, And Did Not, Lie Behind The Theosophical Society Founded By Madame Blavatsky And Colonel Olcott In 1875 Much Further Information Has Of Course Come To Light During The 80 Years Since This Book Was Written, But It Has Never Been Superseded As A Fascinating Record Of The Path Of A Master Metaphysician Through This Maze A Sampling Of Chapter Titles Will Convey A Sense Of The Depth Of This Remarkable Work Madame Blavatsky S Antecedents , The Theosophical Society And Rosicrucianism , The Question Of The Mahatmas , The Society For Psychical Research , Esoteric Buddhism , Esoteric Christianity , The Future Messiah , The Trials Of Alcyone , The Anthroposophy Of Rudolf Steiner , The Order Of The Star Of The East , Theosophy And Freemasonry , The Political Role Of The Theosophical Society A Particularly Unusual Feature Is Its Extensive Treatment Of The Hermetic Brotherhood Of Luxor, Which Has Recently Attracted The Attention Of Scholars Of The Occult The Collected Works Of Rene Guenon Brings Together The Writings Of One Of The Greatest Prophets Of Our Time, Whose Voice Is Even Important Today Than When He Was Alive Huston Smith, Author Of The World S Religions, Etc.

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    Very solid and well referenced, using theosophists own words, correspondance, books and articles, leaving no room to deny the facts In this study we have wished above all to provide a source of information and to gather for this purpose documentation whose elements up to now have been scattered everywhere some of it has even been quite difficult of access for all who have not been favored in their research by rather exceptional circumstances As to the doctrines themselves, if we have not thought it useful to dwell on them longer than we have in fact done because of their only too evident inconsistency, and if here too we have above all given citations, this is because we think, in agreement with another adversary of theirs, that the surest method of refuting these doctrines is to state them briefly by letting the masters themselves speak La Nouvelle Th osophie, by the Rev de Grandmaison, P54 Our goal, as Mme Blavatsky used to say, is not to restore Hinduism, but to sweep Christianity from the surface of the earth Declaration made by Alfred Alexander and published in The Medium and Daybreak, London, January 1893, P23.Very theosophic indeed A Theosophist has expressly declared that The Secret Doctrine would not have been published if the theory of evolution had not come to light in the human brain Les Cycles, by Amaravella, in Lotus Bleu, April 27, 1894, p78 we would say, rather, that without it, it w...

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    The first mayor book of Gu non and somewhat atypical You would expect a metaphysical exposition on the doctrine of the theosophical society, but as it is so inconsistent and contradictive he didn t want to waste much time on it, rather paying attention to the history of the society You can frequently judge an organization on the behaviour of the people foundi...

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    A propos du livre Th osophisme , Gu non crit 1924 vous devez bien penser que, si j ai fait ce travail, ce n est pas pour le plaisir d employer la m thode historique c est qu il tait rendu n cessaire par les circonstances, et que d ailleurs, s il avait t fait autrement, il n aurait pas produit l effet voulu Il y a...

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