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    A superior gnostic sci fi horror which weaves the anomie of modern corporate man and a satire on the world of business gurudom with chaos magick and a dark seam of esoteric horror There are shades of J G Ballard here and, if you can get past the knowing comic writing that is now de rigueur in any post modern science fiction that deals with inner rather than outer space, there is something important being said about the way our minds and perceptions are being changed by the new technologies Like many other writers in this genre of sci fi horror, he delights in telling a story that unfolds in real streets you can walk down today and so it owes something to that psychogeographic genre created by Sinclair and Ackroyd Recom...

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    This is the book we optioned Excellent read and a smart book SciFi mixed with a mid life crisis I ve read it so many times I know it like the back of my hand now And it s really funny to bootbut I would say that wouldn t I we bought it.

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    Yesterday we discussed how I am an artificial intelligence sent from the future who has unconsciously created a terrible enemy to evolve against Today, we discuss my relationship with your laundry Your company is a cavalcade of surprises, Nelson I don t know why my review writing brain has deserted me I ve been trying all day to come up with something profoun...

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    Reminded me of Seventies era science fiction, where new modes of consciousness were accessible through drugs, but now it s on a corporate scale

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    This book has an interesting premise and raises compelling questions about the nature of AI and our current socio economic system Unfortunately it is bogged down by mediocre execution and at times confusing narrative structure.

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    Near future Sci Fi offers us the ability to reflect our own times and Matthew De Abaitua does that brilliantly with The Red Men What better devices for metaphor than the avatars displayed in this tale of corporate greed, runaway technology and human frailty He uses Technology as a mirror of our worse selves and our ultimate master, much to our own detriment.What De Abaituna does really well though is delineate the domestic and the personal with the corporate and technological Some of his pithy asides on the intimate lives of his characters were wonderfully written and gave the whole tale much depth and gravitas Indeed, these contrasted brilliantly with the Machiavellian, goal orientated speech of those engaged in the corporate goals of commerce and t...

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    Red Men was an awesome read, both as a sci fi and as a literary experience The story is a fascinating mix of corporate culture, pop occult, themes of artificial consciousness and virtual worlds, Philip K Dickian reality bending and interesting milieus and characterizations The Kindle version of the book has some 13 000 words trimmed out, and apparently the elaborate literary flourishes got the boot, which makes the text flow while feeling still rich and evocative I picked ...

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    Wonderfully inventive speculative fiction More grounded than Jeff Noon, but in that same near future where the advancement of science is as much about the inside of our heads as it is about the outside world.

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    Excellent piece The characters are great, the observations really sharp Plot can be a bit rough in places, a bit rushed and confused The SF bits are meh, but overall impression is still very good I m surprised it has not been popular

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    A pleasing, quick read written by someone who clearly knows my Hackney neighbourhood very well I enjoyed the way the author played with gnostic concepts and the fact that it never quite resolved.

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The Red Men Nelson Used To Be A Radical Journalist, But Now He Works For Monad, One Of The World S Leading Corporations Monad Make The Dr Easys, The Androids Which Patrol London S Streets Assisting Police, Easing Tensions, Calming The Populace But Monad Also Makes The Red Men Tireless, Intelligent, Creative And Entirely Virtual Corporate Workers And It S Looking To Expand The Programme So Nelson Is Put In Charge Of Redtown A Virtual City, Inhabited By Copies Of Real People Going About Their Daily Business, In Which New Policies, Diseases And Disasters Can Be Studied In Perfect Simulation Nelson Finds Himself At The Helm Of A Grand Project Whose Goals Appear Increasingly Authoritarian And Potentially Catastrophic As The Boundaries Between Redtown And The Real World Become Ever Brittle, And Revolutionary Factions Begin To Align Themselves Against The Red Men, Nelson Finds Himself Forced To Choose Sides Monad Or His Family, The Corporation Or The Community,