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5 Simple Steps to Find the Next Top-Performing Stock Brian Nichols Value Of The Year Selections Are Well Documented And Infamous For Producing 100% Plus Annual Returns Upon Publication Of His First Book, Taking Charge With Value Investing McGraw Hill, 2013 The Most Common Question Asked Of Nichols Is Exactly HOW TO Select Those Top Performing Investments That Yield Such Large Returns In This Book Nichols Answers The Question With Five Simple Steps So Readers Can Take The Information And Apply It To Find Their Own Top Performing Stocks An Informative, Simple, And Quick To Read Publication That Will Leave You With Few Questions, Answers, And An Understanding Of Exactly What Needs To Be Done In Order To Find The Best Investment Opportunities.

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    The book has some good points but it is poorly written With a title including the phrase five simple steps, one would think that the book provides a simple list of five steps, yes It does not Indeed, the five simple steps are none of the above neither five, nor simple, nor steps The steps would better be referred to as indicators to look for, factors of change, and or requirements to be present in that next top performing company in parallel, not in s...

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