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  • Paperback
  • The Summer Fete Mystery (The Jess Mystery Series, Book 4)
  • Nina Levison
  • English
  • 07 April 2019

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    Check out the complete review at The Summer Fete Mystery The Jess Mystery Series, Book 4 ReviewJess and her friends are back again with yet another adventure It is summer time now and the Fete is about to come up Everyone is busy with the preparation, presents, competitions, games and so on There is a new and very mischievous puppy around who has scared Poppy away But Poppy is not the only one who has vanished A lot of gifts are vanished too Sweets, preparatory stuff, things are vanishing and no one has any clue as to where it has all gone Now it is all up to Jess and her friends to save the day by find all the vanished things, and Poppy too in the processJess series are truly nice and interesting even for me to read I am sure the kids will love them equally The language ...

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    I was given this book to read as part of a Goodreads First Read givaway I loved the clean colours that had been chosen for the book cover and so did the young people I asked to read and comment on the book for me The story concerns Jess who is helping out at the summer fair There is a mystery surrounding raffle prizes that have gone missing and also missing is Poppy the cat Jess and her friends solve the mystery and save the day I think that this book would be very appealing to a 7 year old independant reader as the text is simple, clear and the paragraphs are kept to a manageable length I also think that the target audience will find the characters likeable and the story fun The setting of a summer fair is a happy one and most children will have fond memories of school fairs and so will us older readers My only concern, and this might be regional, is that no one I asked in the target age band knew what a fete was as we tend t...

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    I received this book free through Goodreads first reads.This childrens book is a lovely little story, I think it is a perfect book for a child who is just starting to read chapter books as it is not too long, the...

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The Summer Fete Mystery (The Jess Mystery Series, Book 4) The Summer Fete Mystery Is The Fourth Book In The Jess Mystery Series Jess And Her Friends Are Helping Out At The Oakhill Summer Fete, When They Find They Have A Mystery To Solve Poppy The Cat Has Disappeared Mrs Duster S Mischievous New Puppy Has Upset Poppy And No One Can Find Her Then During The Summer Fete Lots Of Things Go Missing, Including The Important Raffle Prizes Jess And Her Friends Just Have To Investigate Where Is Poppy Who Is The Mystery Thief Can They Find The Raffle Prizes

About the Author: Nina Levison

I am a teacher, a writer and an artist Over the last few years I have been writing stories for children and I have now published four children s books in The Jess Mystery Series in paperback and as e books The books can be found in the children s book section on and are mystery and adventure stories for children aged 7 years and older.