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The Quest for Nothing in Particular (Paranoia #3) Oscar Isn T Looking For Anything, Since He Has Just About Everything He Could Want A Wife A House A Hedgehog That Isn T Trying To Gnaw His Face Off But Their Life Of Comfort Lived Under Martial Law Is Disrupted When The Red Fist Army Suddenly Disbands And A Nuclear Weapon Goes Missing, Leaving It Up To Oscar And His Wife Penelope To Save Their Town Along The Way They Receive Help And Sometimes Hindrance From One Or Possibly Two Hedgehogs, A Shotgun Wielding Preteen, And A Russian Veterinarian, And Oscar Finds Much Than He Was Ever Looking For, Including Being Beaten Practically Senseless, His Archenemy Ron In Case You Forgot That Guy, Fatherhood, Muggings, Burglarly, Buggery Actually I Think He Was Looking For That , Rats In Charge Of Society, Demonic Possession, And At Least One Nuclear Explosion.

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    Ron is still out there, causing mayhem, lurking and watching, stealing orange juice Oscar knows it Has always known it, even before the Red Fist tightened its grip on his small town Even before all the madness that ensued after that fateful day when the mysterious man behind the cooler stole that bottle of Sunshine Juice right out from Oscar s grasp The day everything changed The Quest for Nothing in Particular is the third and final volume of the Paranoia trilogy, and it s just as eccentric, quirky and humorous as the first two The characters are memorable and unique, faulty and broken to an almost superhuman degree In particular, I love how we really get into Oscar s head He s exceedingly paranoid and knows it, but not everything is in his head Even as Oscar struggles to separate reality from paranoid delusion, very real things continue to happen around him Some so odd they are humorous, some quite disturbing The mix is something I ve enjoyed from the first book and has remained true through the end of this one.The animal characters get their own spotlight in this one, and it s quite fun No, they aren t talking animals, but they are just as charismatic and flawed as their human masters friends are Mr Hodge will always be my favorite, but William...

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    This book, the third installment in the Quest for Juice trilogy, is consistent with the first two books and by that I mean it is hilarious As always, the footnotes that Jackson provides throughout the novel are a whole other level of funny, and well worth reading for extra giggles and snorts and, frequently, guffaws There are not a lot of writers who can make me laugh out loud, so I am always delighted when I find someone who writes ir...

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