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பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் , 1950 M S.

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    Last year I read Gujarat No Nath and Rajadhiraj by K M Munshi I loved those books Since I read those books I added historical fictions to my favorite book genre Books like Ponnis Beloved reminded me Munshi s books I just read the first part of five volumes and Sumeetha I am not sure whether I can wait for your next translations I am already keeping watch on the price of the complete set.Ponni s Beloved is the story of Chola Dynasty during Sundar Chola and his sons time Though the main theme is around Chola Family like Munashi Kalki has used Vandiya Devan as the main protagonist Vandiya Devan was sent by Aditya Karikalan to Thanjavur to deliver two important messages The first volume this book is majorly concentrated on Vandiya s quest to deliver both messages successfully without getting into hands of Pazhuvetarayar brothers Pazhuvetarayar brothers were planning the conspiracy They were restricting Sundar Cho...

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    I started learning Tamil several years ago and the question that I was invariably asked was, Why do you want to learn Tamil What is your goal Well, I had to come up with something, so I said, I want to read Ponniyin Selvan I have still not read it in Tamil and I may never get there but thanks to the efforts of C.V Karthik Narayan I have been able to read this in English This truly was a labour of love for this man This guy is an engineer with a day job, not a professional translator, and he undertook the task of translating this 2,000 page epic into English out of his sheer love for it For my non Tamil GR friends, Ponniyin Selvan is Tamil historical epic much loved by the Tamils The work is a prequel to the reign of a man lauded today as one of the greatest kings of the Chozha empire, Rajaraja Chozha If you don t know what the term Chozha empire refers to, well, before reading this I didn t either It was an empire that had its start in the territory of what is today the state of Tamil Nadu in the south east of India and lasted from CE 848 to 1279 Its greatest reach was under Rajaraja Chozha and his son, Rajendra Chozha Kalki, the author of Ponniyin Selvan took known historical facts and wove this epic around them At its heart is a succession crisis and a conspiracy to overthrow the Chozha empire, but it also has twins separated at birth, substituted babies, femme fatales, doppelgangers, cyclones ...

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    When the elders in home told we would read this all night It s super good I scoffed and said yeah sure Fast forward ten years I found myself up till sunrise, reading up on the schemes of Nandhini and bravado of Vandhiyathevan Yes, the tamil is difficult to being with, but i...

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    When you start a classic, you are silently praying you are not disappointed If it is the first part of 5 part series, then it becomes tougher since it may be of context than content Here is a book that checks all the boxes and managed to make me steal pages over coffee breaks Kalki s Ponniyin Selvan part 1 is a smooth and engaging read that almost inspired me to write this review in influenced tamil prose Part 1 of this historical fiction introduces the characters and reveals strands of the spider web of conspiracies against the throne of Chozha kingdom under Sundara Chozhan Narrated through the story of Vandhiyathevan, a brave go getter messenger of the crown prince, the dangers he face on his way to deliver the messages to the king and the princess and the breezy romance with the princess forms the first part.It also...

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    FIRST IMPRESSION The original Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki Krishnamurthy is a legendary piece of literature, of course it was It inspired this translation and some like it I have seen the set of 5 volumes, huge books that have adorned the shelves of many bookworms I knew, especially those from the previous generation The books were treasured possessively and guarded with care They were often perused in parts, with people seeking their favorite quotes or lines or events from the book So from a bookworm s perspective, I knew it was a very important series of books.Though my mother herself was a huge fan of the series and this was discussed at length with me, the only detail I managed to scrape through was the rough meaning behind the title The reference to the river Ponni and the meaning of the word Selvan together combining to make the title seem interesting and alluring But beyond that point, there was not much I knew about the actual story It talked about the Chozha kings that was an additional piece of info I had picked up from my dismayed mother s explanations Despite being around this books since childhood, I have not read them This was not due to lack of interest or enthusiasm, but due to the fact that I had grown used to reading...

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    Words fail when I try to think about this reading experience I started taking notes then stopped because there were just too many note worthy Eager to start part 2.

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    A legendary piece of literature, Ponni s Beloved is Part One of five parts of the English translation of Kalki Krishnamurthy s Tamil Classic Ponniyin Selvan It has as its protagonist Vandiya Devan a young soldier who belongs to the brave warrior race of Vanars He is on a secret mission for the Crown Prince of the Chola Kingdom What follows is an adventurous journey through the realms of the Chola Kingdom Spiced with bits of gossip, fun frolic and subtle romance, the story is actually that of deceit and dare While we see that the thirst for power of a few, combined with the determination to wreak vengeance by some others, is ready to hit at the very foundation of a great empire, we also see the grit, determination and intelligence of one a woman, try match up to the conspiracies of the enemies in an attempt to thwart their mission and secure the future of the empire.The story with plots and sub plots and a range of characters, is interspersed with bits of historical facts here and there to enable the reader understand the characters, their place in the history of the region and the situation prevailing in those times better These not only enrich the knowledge of the reader but als...