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Behind the Strings (Book 1) Reading Behind The Strings Book 1 Author Courtney Giardina Petrasrobert.eu As One Of Nashville S Hottest Music Bloggers, Celia Westbrooke Spends Her Days Chasing Stories And Her Nights Mingling With Country Music S Rising Stars Her Life Is A Whirlwind, But It Keeps Her Mind From Remembering A Past She Left Behind That Is, Until A New Assignment Forces Her To Face The One Person She Thought Was Gone Forever.Logan Kent Is On The Fast Track To Country Music Stardom It Was The Dream He Had Worked His Entire Life For A Dream That Cost Him The One Person He Ever Truly Loved The Same Dream, That Five Years Later, Will Be The Reason She Returns.In The Heart Of Music City, Celia And Logan Will Be Forced To Relive The Remnants Of A Relationship They Thought Would Never Be And Just When They Think They Have What It Takes To Put All The Pieces Back Together, One Night Could Tear It All Apart Secrets Will Be Revealed, Loyalties Will Be Tested And Both Will Be Left To Decide If What They Really Want, Is Worth What They Ll Lose In The Process COMING MAY 17Cover Photography Fusion Photography Charlotte, NC

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    Although I enjoyed all of the trials and tribulations Celia had to go through, trying to choose between Logan and Jesse, two hot and sexy rock stars, I hated the fact that the book ended in a cliffhanger Where s the rest...

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    I loved this third novel from Courtney Giardina I noticed immediately how much stronger she had become as a writer and this book really proves her gift of storytelling I loved the setting and could envision the scenery of Nashville and country music life Celia, the main character, had a rare chance to work things out with her male best friend or start a new relationship with an up and coming country musician I voted for the best friend Logan and look forward t...

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    Once again, Courtney Giardina delivers us a compelling story with characters we can relate to This first book twists in ways you would not expect, leaving the reader hanging on until the very last word Her talent shines through again as she weave...

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    This is usually not my type of genre to read but I was pleasantly surprised with how engaging the book was What I liked most about the book was how it felt real and relatable I thought it had just the right amount of twist and turns to keep you guessing I really enjoyed this book and ...

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    Wow, where should I even start This book is beautifully written I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.I will say that there are many surprises in this book, and things do not go as planned at all Holy that ending ruined my life and I can t wait to see where book two takes us.

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    Couple of things that turn me off from this one Cliffy Love triangle wishy washy heroineThe writing is good, and I ve liked CG s other stories, I just couldn t get 100% on board with this one.

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