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The 2015 Jersey Devil Press Anthology PDF The 2015 Jersey Devil Press Anthology By Ally Malinenko Josephfedericonjmet.us Here At Jersey Devil Press, There Are Three Things We Look For In A Story Strangeness, Beauty, And Poop Jokes And While This Collection Is Admittedly A Little Shy On Scatological Humor, The 18 Works Collected Here Are Easily The Strangest And Most Beautiful Things We Ve Ever Published.The 2015 Jersey Devil Press Anthology Contains The Best Work From Our Last Five Years, Written By Some Of Our Favorite Authors We Love Them In A Way We Re Not Entirely Comfortable With.And We Know You Ll Feel The Same.Featuring Work By Nicola Belte, Jackson Burgess, Christopher DeWan, J.D Hager, Anna Lea Jancewicz, Liz Kicak, Christopher Lettera, Kimberly Lojewski, Ally Malinenko, Matthew Myers, Ben Nardolilli, Michael Sions, Danger Slater, Y.t Sumner, Sloan Thomas, Graham Tugwell, And Yvonne Yu.

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    As the founder of JDP, I m clearly somewhat biased, but only a handful of these stories are from my time The vast majority came after my departure, when my relationship to the ongoing monthly journal was tenuous at best That said, I don t think I ve ever been prouder of a book that I ve been a part of even if only marginally than this one.I think this is easily the best writing ever to appear on Jersey Devil Press, if not all independent online journals, and some of these stories have stuck with me long after I read them J.D Hager s Brontosaurus, especially, is something wonderful, something unique and crazy and moving that should not be missed Vital by Ally Malinenko is also going to be a favorite of mine forever it is truly heartbreaking science fiction but, full disclosure, it was written for a special issue for my wife and I when I was undergoing a double lung transplant, so I m not exactly an impartial observer there And, look, I realize I m throwing up all kinds of red flags for an objective review, but as critically and cold eyed as I can this is an anthology worth your time This book needs to be read, for so many reasons Danger Slater s A Robot s Sonnet shows that bizarro can have heart and tenderness, Graham Tugwell s We Left Him with the Dragging Man is genuinely unsettling, Matthew Meyers Where s the Best BBQ in This Town is the textbook definition of how to write a second person narrative The stories, individually, play your heart like an in...

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    The Jolly Roger was my favorite story

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