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    As with any anthology, I expect to come across a wide range of stories some resonate with me, others leave me feeling .nothing This particular collection hit everything from stories I had rated one or two stars, to those that I loved and gave four or five stars to In this case given the large spread I rated each individual tale and averaged them out to an, unsurprising, three star overall average.A positive note in this winter themed anthology was that I did not come across any replicas or duplicates in theme The editor, David Lucarelli, did an excellent job in regard to that Obviously, the stories that I didn t, personally, care for may be the best according to another reviewer s standards I would urge readers to take a look and judge for themselves.Personal favorites of mine 1 Black Coal , by David Blake Lucarelli My hands down favorite Every element that I look at was present in this tale of comeuppance It has great tension throughout, excellent atmosphere that you can feel , and realistic characterization.2 Cursed By Saint Basil , by Kate Jonez A Greek legend that I was previously unfamiliar with This story took me completely by surprise loved every minute of it.3 Choking Hazard , by Michael Paul Gonzalez A twisted look at revenge from a most unexpected source The execution of this tale was a unique touch that I really enjoyed.4 The Fifty Eighth Item , by Kathryn McGee A internal look at Christmas and the value placed on material items Another story that real...

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    Winter Horror Days is a horror holiday theme anthology composed of works from writers of the Los Angeles chapter of the Horror Writers Association Edited by David Lucarelli and released by independent publisher Omnium Gathering, the anthology consists of twenty four entries in which twelve entries are serious horror, eight lean toward being either comedy or lighthearted stories, four poems and an editor s introduction.The horror holiday theme of the book is all encompassing, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Epiphany and even entries with pagan entities such as Krampus and Huldra No winter holiday is sacred and no subject too taboo as babies have their faces eaten off, ghosts rape the living, and entire families are immolated.Interesting or standout stories include Kevin Wet s A Ghost Hunter s Guide to Christmas Yet to Come which is a subversion of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol which reimagines Bob Cratchit and his family as a team of paranormal investigators hired by Scrooge to rid his house of...

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    Full disclosure, as an author I have a story that appears in this anthology As a reader, however, I would be remiss if I didn t leave at least a short review regarding the quality of work in this collection.Over the past year I ve read at least a dozen collections of short stories, some by single authors, others collected anthologies My favorite, by far, was Wastelands Stories of the Apocalypse, a collection of post apocalyptic tales, which contained some of the most unique stories I ve read Having grown up on the great King I m a huge fan of short works, and find it takes almost talent and certainly knowledge of craft to imbue a work of 3 or 5 or 10 thousand words with a satisfying and surprising beginning, middle and end It s really not as easy as it sounds.All this to say, Winter Horror Days absolutely blew me away The quality of the stories, the craftsmanship and ingenuity and pervasive sense of dread that carried throughout the collection And while Horror is in the title, this is not your average slasher B movie collection of bloody horror tales These stories have grit They have class And they ll stick with you long after you turn the page For an anthology based on Winter Tales, I expected to find a few stories repeating themes or central ideas Instead, each tale was unique and expertly carried out This is truly one of those anthologies that will stand the test of ...

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    I love anthologies I m a sucker for movies like Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror, and Doctor Terror s House of Horrors Anthologies always have something for everyone But when you take an anthology and revolve it around a central theme well, that just makes it all the better.Now, take that theme, in this case Horror, and write stories about a beloved holiday say Christmas and you have Winter Horror Days This book was recommended to me by some members of the Horror Writers Association and it doesn t disappoint.Twenty four twisted tales revolving around Christmas, winter, or the Solstice each one twisted than the next.The book starts off with a story from my absolute favorite female horror writer, Lisa Morton and ends with an unusual tale about the antithesis of Santa.Here is a rundown The Christmas Spirit Lisa Morton This was one of the stories I enjoyed the most Not because Lisa wrote it, but because it is just that good It s a story within a story, within a haunted house Ray and Elise inherit a house They think spending Christmas in it will help save their marriage Ray, in an attempt to do just that, purchases an antique book as a gift for Elise and it turns out to be anything but ordinary Great way to set the tone of this anthology.In the Dead of Winter K.A Opperman OK, if you ve read any of my reviews, you know I m not a fan of poetry Thankfully this was a short, one page poem about winter.Mother Night Elis...

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    When they were good they were very very good When they were bad they were awful.3.5 stars

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    We all know that themed anthologies can be hit or miss, but this one is a hit, with a wealth of consistently fine, clever, and often ghoulishly humorous horror tales that are all set in the winter sea...

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Winter Horror Days PDF Winter Horror Days Author David Gerrold Josephfedericonjmet.us As You Sit Warm And Cozy In Your Chair By The Fire, Comforted By The Pretty Lights And Decorations Of Your Holy Nights, A Chill Runs Up Your Spine Part Of You Knows That The Things That Creep In The Night And Stalk Your Souls Take No Holiday Indeed, As Members Of The Los Angeles Chapter Of The Horror Writer S Association Are Here To Remind You With Twenty Dark Tales And Four Eerie Poems, At This Time Of The Year, Many Terrors Lie Just Beneath The Tinsel They Bring A Special Kind Of Fear That Can Only Be Found In The Winter Horror Days.