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Prophecy of Axain (Prophecy of Axain #2) 13 Years After The Fall Of Staerdale Castle, It Begins Seth Feran Has Always Wanted To Be A Fisherman, Until The Darkstriders Invade His Village When They Attack Sally, His Adoptive Mother, And His Adoptive Father Refuses To Avenge Her, Seth Knows He Must Discard His Childhood Dreams For His Duty.The Dark Elf Warriors Are Hunting For The Prophesied Boy King Who Can Use Magic And Will Unite The World Against Them Their Leader, Shania, Lost Her Brother And Father To The Humans, And Her Mouth Waters At The Chance For Revenge.

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    In Ravenward, Thea the loyal, a female knight, knowing the risk to herself, helps Brock and Sally Farren, along with the son of King Galin IV, escape the palace from Kade, the murderous brother of the rightful King and Kade s allies, the Darkstriders, Dark Elves, who assisted him in his coup In Prophecy of Axain, Brock, a blacksmith and former knight, and Sally, former handmaiden to the queen, are raising their adopted son, Seth, while trying to remain hidden from the evil that pursues them The Prophecy of Axain does a masterful job of telling the story of 13 year old Seth s growth into manhood and towards fullfilling the prophesy of the boy king,who will unite the world against the Dark Elves In this book we have villians including Shania, a female dark elf warrior, who s hunting for the prophesied boy king, as much for revenge at the loss of her family members, as she is being directed by her Dark Elf superiors I enjoyed Steven Atwoods story telling ability as Seth s comes to discover who he is His heartfelt loss in this book,also acts as a catalyst for his use of magic and into what he s been prophesied to become I also enjoyed the bond of friendship in the book between Seth and Jena, Seth s love interest in the book, and Ellis, Seths best friend and village thief They all grow in maturity, but none as much as Seth He must come to terms with where his destiny will take him Can he possibly be the next King of his people,uniting all the races, Human, Dwarf and Elves against the Dark Elves and the traitorous king and Uncle, Kade I enjoyed this second book in the series then I did the first It s fast paced and not as dark as the first book I only hope that there ll be a third book in the series out soon Jack Murphy

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    Its 13 years after the first book The Prince and rightful air is a child right around the age of manhood He will face changes in his life and body He faces challenges and decisions He whines just a little Hes hot headed and has some of that teen age attitude But it also take place in the same great world we saw in the first book We meet new characters and few old ones and we see a baby prince decide to take the first steps into taking his kingdom back, or does he fighting and family, tragedy and love, everything all wrapped up into one to make this an amazing read.A great continue of the story Looking forward to the third book.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thanking the author for providing me a copy and giving me the opportunity to read and review Prophecy of Axain.I was sure Ravenward the prologue, was merely an intro One that would lift up only a corner of the veil, giving me a whiff of something much bigger Better Atwood did not disappoint With Prophecy of Axain, we make a jump in time and just like Seth, we discover who he really is and watch him grow into the role which is meant to be With this fast paced book full of action building up to an awesome climax, the end came way too and I look forward to find out what Atwood has in store for us with Iron Fist Keep book 3

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    Great book First time reading this author s work but was pleasantly surprised Can t wait to see what the next book will bring

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    very cool book, fun to read

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    Super action The author has written a very fast paced novel, combining lord of the rings with game of thrones I look forward to reading next in the series.

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