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Rich and Poor EPUB Rich And Poor Author Jacob Wren Ivogue.co.uk Who Hasn T, At One Time Or Another, Considered Killing A Billionaire Following On The Critical Success Of His Novel Polyamorous Love Song BookThug, 2014 Finalist For The Fence Modern Prize In Prose And One Of The Globe And Mail S 100 Best Books Of 2014 , Canadian Writer And Performer Jacob Wren Picks Up The Mantle Of The Politically And Economically Disenfranchised In Rich And Poor The Story Of A Middle Class, Immigrant Pianist Who Has Fallen On Hard Times, And Now Finds Himself Washing Dishes To Make Ends Meet Wren Capably Balances Personal Reflections With Real Time Political Events, As His Protagonist Awakens To The Possibility Of A Solution To His Troubles And Begins To Formulate A Plan Of Attack, In Which The Only Answer Is To Get Rid Of The 1% Rich And Poor Is Rare Work Of Literary Fiction That Cuts Into The Psychology Of Politics In Ways That Are Off Kilter, Unexpected, And Unnerving In Drawing Comparisons To Fiction That Focuses On The Personal As Political Including Chris Kraus S Summer Of Hate And Roberto Bolano S The Savage Detectives , Rich And Poor Is A Compelling, Fast Paced, And Energizing Read For Adventure Seeking, Politically Active And Or Interested Readers Who Rowdily Question Their Position Among The 99%.

About the Author: Jacob Wren

Jacob Wren makes literature, collaborative performances and exhibitions His books include Unrehearsed Beauty, Families Are Formed Through Copulation, Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed, Polyamorous Love Song, Rich and Poor and Authenticity is a Feeling As co artistic director of Montreal based interdisciplinary group PME ART he has co created the performances En fran ais comme e

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    Rating 4.75 of five If you are a billionaire it is because you have done evil in the world It s so simple, isn t it, when reduced to those termsseems like a self evident truth, now doesn t it By the end of this novel, I wasn t at all sure of that.My 4 plus star review is live at Expendable...

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    A fable of not knowing how to change the world and perhaps learning how to do so in the process Rich and Poor is art in resistance, a work that dares to remind us of our capacity for revolutionary love Jade Colbert in The Globe and Mail image by Jack McConville.

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    Class war as seen through the eyes of the billionaire and the poor would be assassin I don t generally like switching POV s or first person narration, but they are so well done he so I highly recommend this book.

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    Made me want to burn things complicatedly to the ground.

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    Jacob Wren always seems to write from a feeling of political malaise, but in that feeling he s able to find so much beauty and possibility You re left feeling that everything is still possible.

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    just received a text that says Rich and Poor slaps

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    I like Jacob Wren s writing This is the second book I ve read by him, the other being Polyamorous Love Song which could very well be my favourite novel, or was certainly my favourite at one time.RichPoor is a bit odd It s theatrical, in a way, with these extended monologues, but it s very grounded, doesn t need that liveness to come alive that much theatre requires I actually listened to this as an audiobook, so, I was somewhere in between a reading and a performance, but Wren s voice which is so nice didn t turn it into some dramatic reading In fact I occasionally got confused in the first half about which character was talking there s a lot of didactic lingo in here, deployed for a good reason but still annoying and the kind of thing to make you tube out The good protagonist comes to sort of resemble, on purpose I assume, the bad protagonist, because he s not really an antagonist, not merely a foil, and the screen time he gets is substantial, and he is not merely caricaturized The peak of the novel could be seen as the end of the first part, but Wren doesn t lean on that familiar formal arc, and the struggle for solidarity seems to offer high stakes for the entire second part, which I won t spoil, but which redeemed what I thought was a naive edge lord violence is the answer narrative and ...

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    I really, really like the premise of this book an unapologizing, self made billionaire and the obsessed ex pianist attempting his assassination The first part of the story is so alluring that I could n...

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    Sometimes, oftentimes fiction is poignant than non fiction.

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    There are no individual solutions to collective problems Montreal based performance artist and writer Jacob Wren writes and thinks and expresses and challenges so well that he is an artist that simply cannot be ignored he should be on everybody s mind right now in the post election mind bending chaos of attempting to adjust to the concept of the ascendency of the very questionably qualified President elect Jacob has seen this situation in his other books.To get the gut level message of his writing it is mandatory to read his book s on your own no preview or review can transmit the power of what he has to say as well as his own prose In brief, RICH AND POOR is about the disparity of class in a capitalist society and Jacob deals with this concept in this story in which a poor pianist tries to kill a billionaire The book is about deception, betrayal, coercion, luck, friendship and violence It is a story of a pianist who envisions an economic collapse and revolution with the death of at least 10 billionaires His mind is set on one in particular, and the pianist sets off in hopeful...

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