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The Anatomical Venus Reading The Anatomical Venus Author Joanna Ebenstein Undercostruction.eu Of All The Artifacts From The History Of Medicine, The Anatomical Venus With Its Heady Mixture Of Beauty, Eroticism And Death Is The Most Seductive These Life Sized Dissectible Wax Women Reclining On Moth Eaten Velvet Cushions With Glass Eyes, Strings Of Pearls, And Golden Tiaras Crowning Their Real Human Hair Were Created In Eighteenth Century Florence As The Centerpiece Of The First Truly Public Science Museum Conceived As A Means To Teach Human Anatomy, The Venus Also Tacitly Communicated The Relationship Between The Human Body And A Divinely Created Cosmos Between Art And Science, Nature And Mankind Today, She Both Intrigues And Confounds, Troubling Our Neat Categorical Divides Between Life And Death, Body And Soul, Effigy And Pedagogy, Entertainment And Education, Kitsch And Art The First Book Of Its Kind, The Anatomical Venus, By Morbid Anatomy Museum Cofounder Joanna Ebenstein, Features Over 250 Images Many Never Before Published Gathered By Its Author From Around The World Its Extensively Researched Text Explores The Anatomical Venus Within Her Historical And Cultural Context In Order To Reveal The Shifting Attitudes Toward Death And The Body That Today Render Such Spectacles Strange It Reflects On Connections Between Death And Wax, The Tradition Of Life Sized Simulacra And Preserved Beautiful Women, The Phenomenon Of Women In Glass Boxes In Fairground Displays, And Ideas Of The Ecstatic, The Sublime And The Uncanny Joanna Ebenstein Is A Multidisciplinary Artist, Curator, Writer, Lecturer And Graphic Designer She Originated The Morbid Anatomy Blog And Website, And Is Cofounder With Tracy Hurley Martin And Creative Director Of The Morbid Anatomy Museum In Brooklyn, New York She Is Coauthor Of Walter Potter S Curious World Of Taxidermy, With Dr Pat Morris Coeditor Of The Morbid Anatomy Anthology, With Colin Dickey And Acted As Curatorial Consultant To Wellcome Collection S Exquisite Bodies Exhibition In 2009 She Has Also Worked With Such Institutions As The New York Academy Of Medicine, The Dittrick Museum And The Vrolik Museum.

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    Gorgeous book, thoroughly researched and historically accurate I especially appreciated the chapter on the success of anatomical waxes at European fairgrounds, a topic which has been rarely addressed before with such insight.There are some digressions which could honestly appear a bit excessive what has Carl Tanzler got to do with either the Venus or doll fetish , but that is forgivable on the whole, because the book is such a beauty and the iconographic apparatus just perfect.The book reminds the reader of the central place occupied by the body in the Catholic tradition, and draws an interesting and quite appropriate parallel between the Anatomical Venus and the depictions of mystic rapture in sacred art and sculpture And yet Ebenstein as she also stated in interviews seems to have come to the conclusion that much of the Venus sex appeal is really a projection of our modern perspective The underlying reasoning appears to be that, since allusive artworks are on display in churches throughout Italy, they surely could not have been considered erotic at the time thus the sexual innuendo does not come from the works themselves, but has to be a product of our own alleged prudery.Non Catholics often seem puzzled by erotic art in Italian churches, as proved by the author s attempt to explain justify the presence of Bernini s Ecstasy of St Theresa in the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria Despite Ebenstein assuming we all consider out...

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    The text though interesting and informational is not as fascinating nor as disturbing as the photos inside Old anatomical prints and illustrations with figures and other items used throughout history Then you have the pho...

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    This is a beautifully illustrated book that gives a history of female anatomical sculptures The text raises numerous philosophical issues related to the works, and one only wishes that the author had pursued her meditation...

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    Great introduction to the subject with fantastic photos illustrations My only frustration was the layout, which frequently breaks up the main text mid sentence for two or even four pages of images with details captions to read or full page quotes, so it takes a bit effort to read linearly.

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    Que hermoso libro Y los ensayos tienen muy buena documentaci n hist rica Recomiendo en la misma l nea Bourgery Atlas Of Human Anatomy And Surgery.

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    Less reviewed than it is discussed in my blog post, Adventures in Morbid Non fiction the interest posed by the immediate subject it puts these strange objects in the context of a longer tradition of wax modeling and effigies, which has ultimately become interestin...

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    I bought this book because the subject matter fascinates me as a writer Grimms The Glass Coffin is one of my favourite fairy tales, and I see much symbolism in it I am also very interested in the 18th century.The book is extremely fascinating, although I must warn you that it can also be quite disturbing I particularly found this to be the case with the second hal...

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    Beautifully made book I mostly bought this for the pictures but I really liked the topics of the chapters I especially enjoyed From Sacred to Scientific Use of Wax and Ecstasy, Fetishism, and Doll Worship.

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    Fantastically creepy and fascinating.

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    Un libro bellissimo per curiosi ed intenditori dell arte nella anatomia Alla fine ci sono anche elencati i luoghi d interesse per chi volesse vedere dal vivo queste eccentriche opere d arte.