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    Cute with some drama and the usual fluff It also brought in a paranormal aspect into this volume briefly which was entertaining I really enjoyed the Dojo fighting scenes They were well drawn.

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    So sweet This volume was all about following your dream no matter what I love Mako and Ito 3

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    I love this gender bender, funny, romantic, a little paranormal manga Ito Miura is a tomboyish girl whose looks and attitude makes her easily mistaken for a boy As a member of the drama club she always play male roles Soon she meets the new transfer student Makoto who is a beautiful girl, who is really a guy in disguise Makoto has made a deal with his father, to be able to follow his dream of becoming an actor, he must attend high school as a girl and nobody must know So when Ito finds o...

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    honestly, it seems that the best stories are the extra stories in this series the whole makoto sick story was probably the highlight in the book though his visit home wasn t bad either i find that the story is lacking luster somewhere, but i can t really figure out where.

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    Fun and sweet as always.

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    The added story at the end is kind of sweet

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    Why random, boring school and ghost stories I had a hard time making it all the way through volume 7 There were a few cute moments, but it s hard to say if they were worth reading the rest.

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Wジュリエット 7 BOOKS W 7 By Emura Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Makoto Has A Fever, And His Closest Friends Concern Over His Sickness May Be The Very Thing That Reveals Makoto S Secret To His Classmates Forcing Him To Give Up His Dreams And Return Home Then Ito Is Caught On The Grounds Of The Narita Residence By Makoto S Father, And Her Life Is In The Hands Of Fate Even If Makoto Is Able To Make It To The Scene In Time, Can He Stop The Very Man Who Taught Him To Fight From Attacking The Woman He Loves