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Defiant Dreams - Tales of Everyday Divas Defiant Dreams Tales Of Everyday Divas Free Author Rhiti Bose Ls17.eu Defiant Dreams Tales Of Everyday Divas Is A Collection Of Twenty Four Stories Handpicked Through A Nationwide Contest It Is A Collage Of Love And Patience, Courage And Determination Between The Covers Is A Chronicle Of Dreams That Refuse To Be Crushed By The Heel Of Life S Injustices The Tales Are Portraits Of Everyday Women Rising To Extraordinary Challenges Women Who Transformed Themselves Into Mistresses Of Their Own Destinies From The Lanes Of Banaras To The Hills Of Assam, From The High Rises Of Delhi To The Household Courtyards Down South, Across Urban Landscapes And Rural Settings, These Incredible Women Are Here To Inspire.

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    Given the title of this book, it did not surprise me that the 24 female protagonists of DEFIANT DREAMS are all heroines, each in their own way, defying cultural, religious and familial conventions to improve their lot What did take me entirely unawares was the sheer diversity of the stories in this expertly written and curated collection Through this anthology, the reader enters a world where a single woman living alone can be persecuted as a witch, where the marriage of a female child is deemed important than her education and she is valued only as a piece of property by her husband and his family, where for a woman the idea of self fulfillment beyond simple survival and the avoidance of starvation often seems impossible Yet the common thread throughout these compellingly realistic tales is one...

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    Defiant Dreams is a beautiful collection of 24 short stories, edited by Rhiti Bose who runs the Incredible Women of India blog and Lopa Banerjee who is making a name for herself as a translator, poet, memoir or non fiction writer and here as a debut editor The collection has already been covered a bit extensively by Iha Magazeen and in an interview given by Rhiti and Lopa to ISSE Indian Short Stories in English The collection is well edited, reasonably priced and about the stories of women who are primarily survivors ordinary, everyday women Thus it unconsciously borrows from oral history narratives though the stories here are fictional A read worth it, I want to tout it especially for the story by Bhuvaneshwari Shivakumar Shankar whose Dharmambal with its framing technique, shuttling from present to past to present and emotional autobiographical intensity just blew me away, along with Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, Santosh Bakaya, Radhika Maira Tabrez, Ramaa Sonti, Moinak Dutta and indeed all who wrote in it it is unfair here to name some and not the others but the format and my familiarity with these works and their authors makes me do it This does not mean the others are not as good , sometimes they are better As Rhiti says in her editorial they are stories of women who have laughed, loved, ...

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    It took me a while to read and review this book because I was apprehensive about yet tales of wronged and tormented women The vibrant red cover, charming in itself, perhaps added to my reluctance The lovely face of a woman is surrounded by smaller faces of identical men with turbans and handlebar mustaches Surely images of stereotyped patriarchy violently attacking or insidiously eating away the woman s soul I was exhausted by sad stories Could I digest As I browsed through the stories, surprisingly readable though not by established literary figures, I saw the warm glow of positivity, of love, life and hope in these stories There s rich variety in this collection, painstaking compiled by the editors from an avalanche of entries for a contest This variety and contemporary relevance makes this book a worthwhile read.Vasudha Chandna Gulati s story of an adopted girl, is set in an upper middle class home in Delhi Yet in such enlightened environments too, the girl is harshly treated by none other than her adopted mother As she enters her teens, she begins to take charge of her own life and destiny, making a clean break to find a new home Tanushree Ghosh Dhall s tale of Anjali Chakraborty, is also set in contemporary, enlightened urban India This is the story of the life of an unmarried woman, who lived at a place, lent at someone s mercy, a meagre teacher, that ...

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    Defiant Dreams Tales of Everyday Divas is a collection of twenty four stories handpicked through a nationwide contest It is a collage of love and patience, courage and determination Between the covers is a chronicle of dreams that refuse to be crushed by the heel of Life s injustices The tales are portraits of everyday women rising to extraordinary challenges women who transformed themselves into mistresses of their own destinies From the lanes of ...

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    One has to read to savour the various flavours that this anthology providesand trulytry stopping after reading only one story

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    This collection of 24 stories, inspired from real life incidents, feature women who have suffered grave injustices at the hands of their family and society The many different perspectives captured in these stories spotlight how the plight of women remains unchanged despite so called progress in society.These authors share the heartbreaking experiences of these women and remind the reader that women are far stro...

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    Each story ended igniting an urge in me to read the next immediately. superbly written

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    Exceptional anthropology of talented writers showcasing hidden fears of women and the courage with which they overcame their obstacles Some of the stories are too powerful and present how a women has ...

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    Review Coming Soon

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