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  • Hardcover
  • 189 pages
  • The Garments of Caean
  • Barrington J. Bayley
  • English
  • 07 February 2019
  • 9780385043977

10 thoughts on “The Garments of Caean

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    This is one of those odd little gems that has stood out in my memory as a really sublime sf novel On the outset, it s a book about a psychic suit that bonds with, controls, and manipulates its wearer for amazing reasons which gradually unfold through the novel But the book is so much than that It freewheels through a variety of spacefaring human cultures who have evolved and adapted to their respective environments, and dissects with remarkable precision not only the role of fashion in human society, but also our concepts of body image and our sense of self, and how these these things impact our understanding of what it means to be human The best sort of scifi, in other words Underlying all those great themes is the plot itself, which builds on those foundations to introduce its trickiest question what we consider to be intelligence, and how our human centric perception shapes interaction with other lifeforms It really is a stellar read, an inspired and very original novel, combining two things i like scifi and fashion and putting it under a literary microscope in the context of cultural examination Plus, I m willing to bet you ve never read the word sartorial so many times in a scifi novel before bookstagram instareads bookaholic bookcollection collectiblebooks booklover bookporn bookcommunity booklife bookaddiction bibliophile booksofinstagram bookworm bookcollecting instabooks booknerd bookcovers sciencefiction scifi retr...

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    Barrington Bayley was one of the world s great underrated SF writers The Fall of Chronopolis , for example, is both an entertaining time travel story and an exercise in Lovecraftian horror Unfortunately as he s now dead we won t be seeing any of his output, which is a great shame.It took me a while to read this one This is usually a bad sign But this is typically off the wall Bayley, based on an idea clothing that transforms the wearer guaranteed not to be found anywhere else in literature outside the works of Gottfried Keller and this is what you read Bayley for Exactly how this situation comes about is a mystery that unfolds throughout the book with, admittedly, a lot of logical photic tunnelling the how the heck did they conclude THAT from THAT effect Did I sympathize with the hero Yes, but not much, if I m honest Was there a credible villain Most definitely Did they die Oh, most horribly Did I want to know what the Big Secret was Yeah, I suppose so Did I end up...

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    I only read two stories in this collection so I will not rate it Sporting with the Chid is the first I read and Alastair Reynolds described it on his blog, and I paraphrase, as the most demented thing I have ever read I got to say it s a contender The Chid are an alien race who are genius at surgery and make some unfortunate space traveler s animated and removed brains try to catch their bodies before they...

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    An original, darkly humorous piece of science fiction fluff by Barrington Bayley.

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    Really I swear I m an intellectual I mean I only read this stuff when I m weak or drunk or something

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    I have felt an odd urge to re read and review Bayley s books recently I first read them back in the 1980s, mostly second hand, but often in unread condition Michael Moorcock s obituary of Bayley in the Guardian states that at that time he undertook significant legal action against his publisher for remaindering his books without telling him, and that this caused problems with finding a publisher subsequently I am afraid my reading is largely based on those illegal remainders, for which he was presumably not paid.The trouble with writing about Bayley is that it is very easy to concentrate on his weaknesses which are impossible to miss Don t get me started on his sex scenes and general attitude to women I doubt if much of his readership is female It is harder to define what makes him a highly readable writer The Garments of Caean is my favourite of his books The concept is outrageous, but highly developed, the prose is colourful Bayley owed a debt to Jack Vance when in this mood and the characters are acceptable and amusing pawns The pleasure of reading Bayley is that, as has often been sa...

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    There are actually two parallel plots about clothing in this book, though one of them is really of a B plot The premise of this book is truly ridiculous, but it milks it for everything it s worth, and manages to maintain a good balance of humour and plot.

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    Bayley s fiction was always slightly odd, and this one s no exception It s 1970s hackwork, but it starts from a point, with a conceit, that no self respecting sf hack would ever have tried But Bayley makes it work Sort of In the Tzist Arm of the galaxy there are two major cultures, the Ziode cluster and Caean The Ziodeans are just like contemporary Anglophone Westerners, but with spaceships and few other sf trappings of the day The Caeanites, however, are entirely different They have developed tailoring to such a degree they call it the Art of Attire that clothes do indeed maketh the man So when a black marketeer liberates a cargo of Caeanic clothing from a crashed spaceship, it threatens the already minimal relations between the two groups The prose veers from serviceable to the odd piece of fairly good writing About two thirds of the way through, the plot takes a turn that ...

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    re read after something like 30 years I enjoyed this even than the first time around A highly imaginative novel with some very interesting and unique ideas told with a dry and rather dark humor A totally underrated author and novel.A definite must read if you ...

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    A repressive civilisation searches for the source of a potential threat the clothes consciousness of a rival planet Intriguing premise.

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The Garments of CaeanKINDLE The Garments Of Caean Barrington J Bayley Thomashillier.co.uk Peder Is Not Just A Tailor, But A Sartorial A Lowly Trade That Has Now Been Elevated To An Incredibly High Standard Sartorials Compete Fiercely In Creating New Apparel, And Peder Has Heard That The Greatest Of Them All Are In The Caeanic Worlds, Where Clothing Is A Way Of Life And A Philosophy Of Living In Peder S Sector, Though, Caeanic Clothing Is Prohibited, And He Has Fallen In With A Band Of Pirates Attempting To Salvage A Caeanic Freighter In Splitting The Loot Clothes Peder Cleverly Spots A Legendary Suit, One Of Five In The Entire Galaxy, And Walks Off With It And No Sooner Does He Put It On Than His Personality Changes He Becomes Self Assured, Clever, Successful It Almost Seems As Though The Suit Of Clothes Is Wearing Him A Whimsical Tale Of A Suit Of Clothes That Really Makes The Man.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPen names Alan Aumbry, Michael Barrington with Michael Moorcock , John Diamond, P.F Woods.Bayley was born in Birmingham and educated in Newport, Shropshire He worked in a number of jobs before joining the Royal Air Force in 1955 his first published story, Combat s End , had seen print the year before in Vargo Statten Magazine.In the 1960s, Bayley s short s