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    As a huge fan of Toby Neal s Lei Crime series I have really enjoyed reading the Kindle World Different authors write spin off stories that do not have an effect on Neal s books but offer a fun and interesting insight to secondary characters Valley Isle Secrets is the first book, in this Kindle World, from Atreya and focuses on Wayne, Lei s recently released from incarceration father He is finally adjusting to life on the outside and happens across dead bodies on different occasions His instincts have him thinking something isn t right and these murders are connected Atreya spins a fabulous tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat with curiosity The idea behind the murders is a current topic involving websites set up to assistant cheating spouses Very clever and fast paced I was...

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    I didn t know about Lei Crime series, so before reading the story I went through the Toby Neal s website Different authors can write spin off stories using the background, setting, with focus on secondary characters I must say Rasana Atreya has come up with an intriguing story involving Lei s father, Wayne Valley Isle Secrets is the first book by the author for the series.Wayne, an ex con, had recently finished his time in prison and had vowed to reform himself Things do not look in his favor when dead bodies of young people are found where ever h...

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    I am an avid fan of Toby Neal s Lei Crime series and am always interested in how other authors see her characters Sometimes an author from the reader s perspective can miss the mark not so with Ms Atreya s companion story about Wayne Texeira Her story captures all of the points originally brought to the character but also enriches what th...

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Valley Isle Secrets BOOKS Valley Isle Secrets Author Rasana Atreya Undercostruction.eu Wayne Texeira S Life Couldn T Get Any Better He S Out Of Prison He S Rebuilding His Relationship With His Daughter He Has A New Ladylove Then, Out In The Maui Woods, He Stumbles Across A Body The Death Is Ruled Suicide Days Later, He Crosses Paths With Another Death That, Too, Is Ruled Suicide Is There A Pattern To The Deaths, Or Is He Seeing A Conspiracy Where None Exists Texeira Reluctantly Takes His Concerns To The Cops But They Won T Investigate Because Come On Who Takes An Ex Con Seriously Convinced There Is To The Suicides Than Mere Depression, Texeira Starts Poking Around What He Finds Is Just Too Incredible To Comprehend.