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Imperial Vanities PDF Imperial Vanities Author Brian Thompson Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk This Is The Entwined Story Of Three Victorians Two Of These Men Were Brothers Sir Samuel Baker, The Irrepressible Explorer And Valentine Baker, Reckoned To Be The Leading Cavalry Officer Of The British Army Before Disgrace Overwhelmed Him The Third Is The Troubled Charles Chinese Gordon, Murdered By The Mahdi S Forces In Khartoum Imperial Vanities Is An Adventure Story In The High Tradition, Ranging From The Upper Nile, To Ceylon, Egypt And The Slave Markets Of The Balkans.

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    I enjoyed reading this book, and the reasons why I did are really the only things I can say in its favour it deals with people and places known to me or that I am interested in, it is full of interesting details, and it is written in lively, elegant prose, the kind you can read aloud without tripping over sonic infelicities.But what are the imperial vanities of the title The retold exploits of Charles George Gordon and Samuel Baker and the rise and catastrophic fall of Samuel s brother Valentine All these are highly specific to the gentlemen in question, and sprang from personal rather than imperial vanity Or does the title refer to the vanity of attempting to colonize and Britannicize such unfriendly and unpromising parts of the world as Sudan and Ceylon The Gordon debacle did not prevent the United Kingdom from taking and ruling Sudan in the end, and as for Ceylon, it was already firmly in British hands by the time Baker commenced his experiment at Nuwara Eliya Balaclava was certainly a vain mismatch of cavalry against artillery, but why is that specifically imperial True, it was one empire against another But the Charge of the Light Brigade was what launched Valentine Baker s career.Still, it was fun reading about Sam Baker s intrepid blunderings about the world and his implausible but undeniab...

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    DisappointingI chanced upon this book via recommendations I was struck by the cover as my wife has a coffee table book of Tissot paintings and I recognised the painting of Fred Burnaby As I also have an interest in history and the Victorian era, I had high hopes for the book, especially as the jacket blurb promised so much.Unfortunately the book doesn t live up to the hype of the blurb Its is far from a wild romp through victorian excess , there was very little description of any High adventure, and neither was it a Rattling good yarn, IMO.What the book delivers, is a quite bare bones, in passing, sketch of the Baker brothers, a few snippets of Livingstone and a tiny smidge of Gordon There is no depth or detail to the huge historical scope of these men and I felt I d have learned from reading each man s wikipedia page Where you thought things would build up to a climactic description of Gordon s ultimate doom, the book ends on a damp squib, with barely...

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    While Thompson clearly has a writer s flair, the story of these three Victorian archetypes rarely achieves the cohesion it could have Or perhaps it couldn t Thompson is pulling details from three disparate stories and the result ends ...

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    An interesting read, but nothing really new Enjoyed the brief stories of the three men featured, however found the author s reasons to, and way of, connecting them quite loose Learnt about the Baker brothers, and the political feeling in the late Victorian era.

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    Great insight and snapshot into the Victorian mindset and the feel of the period.

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