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In Passing Reading In Passing Author J.R Wirth Bystricepodhostynem.eu From Linkville Press Trying To Bring Closure To Her Haunted Youth, Mary Elizabeth Stroll S Past And Present Converge During A Haunting, Day Long Interview In Passing Is A Dark, Yet Romantic, Paranormal Tale, Which Thrusts Two Adolescent, Suicide Victims Into A Haunting Afterlife Odyssey Where They Find Love And Meaning The Journey Leads Them To Intervene In The Lives Of Other Distressed Young People, All The While Amorous Feelings Grow The Two Are Then Reunited With Their Lifeless Bodies To Search For The Truth And Their Lost Love Nine Years Gone, Mary, Now In Her Early Twenties, Agrees To An Interview With A Seminary Student, Alex Renteria Alex Is Completing His Thesis On Divine Interventions, And Near Death Experiences Mary Recalls Her Extraordinary Afterlife Adventure During The Course Of A Daylong Interview, Which Quickly Morphs Into An Equally Haunting, Parallel Adventure In Passing Flows Between First Person Narrated By Mary As A Youth Lizzy And Third Person, Creating An Intense Immediacy That Will Take The Reader On A Breath Stealing Adventure, And Race Against Death All The While Tackling A Variety Of Controversial Issues Including Suicide, Runaways, School Violence, Abortion, Child Abuse, Substance Abuse, Etc.

About the Author: J.R. Wirth

J.R Wirth is an award winning author and native of Southern California Raised in Azusa, he now hails from San Bernardino J.R is recognized for his extensive work in the helping field He is a licensed psychotherapist with a long list of accomplishments, including a 15 year stretch as a domestic violence counselor and trainer, and head of a disaster response team J.R had a stint as a universi

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    JR Wirth s In Passing is an oddly absorbing paranormal romantic suspense that blends teen tragic fiction with a Dickensian Christmas Carol and It s A Wonderful Life The mix of narrators, times and places is unsettling at the start, but once the story gets going, once Mary begins to narrate her near death experience to the listening priest in training, this book is hard to put down Terrors and tragedies of childhood come to the fore in this novel the physical, emotional and sexual abuses that result in suicide or worse, and the search for redemption Lizzy or Mary and her helper may or may not be angels, and may or may not be seen as they slip through the scenes But their words can change lives, and their lessons are wise.Meanwhile, the lesson that we help ourselves through helping others is pleasingly taught Lizzy might not die And Mary might not be forever scarred Plus, love might...

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    In Passing is a paranormal love story with hints of darkness It explores the possibility of an after life and the existence of angels , or people who are able to stop others before they make dire mistakes The book is not afraid to take on gritty social issues, such as child abuse, substance abuse and abortion, and does so in a positive manner Well worth a read for those who enjoy paranormal rom...

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    Reviewed by Darryl Greer for Readers FavoriteJ.R Wirth s In Passing is labelled fiction suspense and rightly so, but it could easily be tagged as paranormal or fantasy Mary Elizabeth Stroll, in the first person sections of the story, is known as Lizzie, a fourteen year old, and in the third person parts as Mary, now in her early twenties Lizzie has a disturbing life as a teenager a drunken mother, an abusive step father, and a life so grim that even at that age she decides to end it by overdosing on her mother s pills In the afterlife, she meets Bart, another suicide victim, and they embark on a paranormal journey of discovery, along the way confronting other youths with equally disturbing backgrounds In current day, Mary meets Alex, a trainee Catholic priest and psychotherapist, who is preparing a thesis on NDEs near death experiences and she agrees to a day long interview It is during this interview that she relates to Alex her haunting experiences with Bart and the reader is treated to a first hand description of those events as her fascinating narration unfolds As the story draws to a close, there is the inevitable twist in the tale, and the various questions that sc...

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    In Life as In Passing Mary Elizabeth Stroll arrives at an interview she s volunteered for regarding near death experiences As she primps for the interview, in a church parking lot, Mary drifts toward the memories of the night where she met death The night of terror, yet enchantment, is told, with superb eloquence, by our heroine who went by Lizzy in her youth , in first person Simultaneously, we are shown the lives of other youth who, as the story goes, are intertwined and it all makes sense However, during the interview itself, Mary matches wits with the interv...

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    A Truly Inspiring and Heartwarming BookThis book is one of many I have read as of late, but one that will remain with me for a long time to come I will recommend to everyone I know

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    Received this from a GoodReads giveaway Interesting story It s was like 2 stories that finally come together.

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