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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Love, Ish
  • Karen Rivers
  • English
  • 19 June 2018
  • 9781616205706

10 thoughts on “Love, Ish

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    A girl that wants to go to Mars can be a potential to something good But oh, no I read about 80% of this book, and I just couldn t get myself to finish it The main protagonist is so annoying, such misanthrope that I just couldn t stand her Mischa is 12 and she is saying about herself Mom, I m not fun. All of her interest are boring things, such as environmental issues, and going to Mars to find people like her, and that s why she keeps away from people, because she doesn t want to be near them She is commenting sarcastically on every single thing from spelling intentional mistakes that exist in the world, to malls, to cellphones If I has a bit of a super small aspect to like about her maybe maybe I could find something good But no, I just couldn t.Here see for yourself if you would like someone that can t be a normal person for even one second, a robot per se I wasn t going to tell him about the island of plastic floating around the Pacific Ocean, killing seabirds and whales People look at their cellphonespoints for mars no cellphones Cinnabon is gross Empty calories. 22 is young, not aged, not dying My frontal lobe will have finished developing Funny is also that she is self contradicting I ll be famous on Earth M...

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    I didn t read the synopsis of this before starting it Mistake I just loved The Girl in the Well Is Me so much that I saw it was a new Karen Rivers book and snatched it up If I had read the synopsis, I would have been less eager I still would have read it eventually though Sadly, I just couldn t make it through this one and not entirely due to the subject matter There were 8 yes EIGHT product brand names in the first 20 pages Before anyone gets on me for being nitpicky, I only stopped and counted because it was so obvious and I was tripping over them Nothing ages a book faster than that But my real problem was the main character I m a big proponent of unlikeable characters, especially girls who are allowed to be unlikeable There s a difference between unlikeable and completely unsympathetic though, and Ish falls into the latter character as she s introduced in the first few chapters She is one of those girls who are DIFFERENT from all the other girls She does...

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    I have absolutely fallen in love with Karen Rivers writing style Period End of story Her characters are witty, endearing, and just so freaking loveable Seriously, if you don t love Ish s quirky personality, her insightful observatio...

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    Man This book broke my heart One of the saddest middle grade books I have ever read.

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    Such a moving story filled with strong emotion and a rich character Ish just steals your heart and has you wanting to reach out to her throughout the story.

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    This book broke my heart It was depressing as hell, but there were so many sweet moments that it was worth it Also, almost nothing was resolved, but THAT S LIFE It makes sense for the circumstances, and it makes sense, not everyone gets to resolve everything in their life.Highly re...

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    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineIsh is surviving the defection of her best friend, Tig, by planning her future on Mars There is a web site that claims to be taking applications for people to live in a colony, so Ish is planning her whole life around this, from the clothes she wears to the food she eats The beginning of school is hard without Tig, who has moved to another town and not answered any of her e mails It doesn t help that Ish is often at odds with her mother as well as her older sister, Elliot, who is still very angry about finding out that she and Ish were adopted When Ish starts 7th grade, she has to deal with the mean girls, as well as a new boy who calls her Fish That s insignificant, however, when she passes out on the first day of school The reason a brain tumor Ish is not happy about the aggressive treatment, which leaves her bald and ill One upside is that new boy, Gavriel, visits her in the hospital and becomes her friend The downside is that Ish is very, very ill Brain tumors, even when referred to as the Brussels Sprout or Nirgal, don t fool around Strengths Rivers writes a very good hallucinatory scene, and this is certainly an artistic choice that sets her work apart from other middle grade authors She uses this in The Girl in the Well is Me as well Her characters are well developed...

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    Okay, first of all, I would like to say that I only read the preview of this, in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.For a while after requesting to review Love, Ish, I didn t realise that I had read just the preview I thought, stupidly, it was just a short story that ended very confusingly, without explaining anything I was wrong When I found out that it was the preview, I was very relieved.From what I d read, the story seemed interesting enough young girl dreams of going to Mars and is silently coping with the non responsiveness of her former best friend But after I actually finished it, I realised the preview doesn t even start on the super interesting part of the story Only at the end did I find out that Mischa was diagnosed with cancer and just in reading that, my heart broke a little.Mischa herself is definitely a fun character She s ...

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    I loved everything about Ish s unique point of view, from her feelings about former close friend Tig, her one perfect sister and other difficult one, and her obsession with Mars This book doesn t pull any punches Some readers won t like that and others like me will admire the hell out of it.

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    When I read the synopsis of this story, I was really intrigued I read a lot of books where the main character gets struck with cancer, but I think this is the first book that I have discovered where the character was only 12.I really wanted to like this book At first, I thought Ish would be really relatable to me, because of her interest in the environment and taking care of the planet But, she just really quickly started to annoy me She was just very negative even before she knew she had cancer She was always insulting everyone in the story It just became very tedious.So I love when characters are unique, but I get annoyed really quickly with characters that have absolutely zero qualities that are similar to anyone, and that is how Ish was written For a good portion of the story, she resembles a robot and calls herself a machine than a human She doesn t seem to care when she hurts people, and it just doesn t make her likable.I also felt like the author tried really hard to make her family super weird, and at times, it was really annoying Her mom was almost as annoying as she was at some points in the story Overall, she wasn t as bad, but still Honestly, outside of maybe Iris, I didn t really like any of the char...

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Love, Ish Things Mischa Ish Love Will Miss When She Goes To Mars Lying On The Living Room Floor Watching TV, Ice Cream, Her Parrot Buzz Aldrin Things Ish Love Will Not Miss When She Goes To Mars Mosquitoes, Heat Waves, Missing Her Former Best Friend Tig Ish Is Convinced That She Ll Be One Of The First Settlers On Mars She S Applied To And Been Rejected From The Mars Now Project Forty Seven Times, But The Mission Won T Leave For Ten Years And Ish Hasn T Given Up Hope She Also Hasn T Given Up Hope That Tig Will Be Her Best Friend Again Not That She D Ever Admit That To Anyone, Least Of All Herself When Ish Collapses On The First Day Of Seventh Grade, She Gets A Diagnosis That Threatens All Her Future Plans As Ish Fights Cancer, She Dreams In Vivid Detail About The Martian Adventures She S Always Known She D Have And Makes Unexpected Discoveries About Love, Fate, And Her Place In The Vast Universe.

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Karen Rivers is too thrown by the Date of Death drop down that has appeared below her name in the editing section of this page to actually write anything about her life When she recovers, this box will be filled with imperative biographical information and may include SECRETS and probably also a few LIES Now she is going to sit back and anxiously track that Date of Death box in case a date s