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Made In Paradise (A Family Forever Series, Book 2) A Secret Made In Paradise Her Child Is Alive For Ten Years Amber Has Believed Her Child Was Lost To Her Forever Then An Unexpected Inheritance Leads The Lovely Doctor Back Home To The Man She S Always Loved There She Discovers Her Beloved Jon Is A Bachelor Father, And The Little Girl He Is Raising Is Their Daughter Jon Has Vowed To Protect And Cherish His Child, Yet He Opens Their Lives To Let Amber In But This Dedicated Father Is No Longer The Young Lover Amber Remembers Can She Uncover The Tender Man She Has Never Forgotten, And Convince Him To Take A Chance On Their Newly Formed Family, And Their Own True Love Many People Say Family Is Everything There Is Nothing Beautiful Than Two People Coming Together For The Sake Of A Child, Finding Love, And Forming A Family Forever Look For Other Titles In The Series A Beautiful Stranger Made In Paradise A Reason To Believe An Accidental Family

About the Author: Donna Fasano

Growing up the third child of five yes, smack dab in the middle and the only girl to boot Donna Fasano had no idea she would one day be a published author Her story telling talents came to light when she conjured lively and elaborate tales of pure blarney yes, she has a bit of Irish in her blood for, first, her youngest brother, and years later, her children.Donna is a USA Today bestselling aut

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    Painful Angsty ReadBut I loved it Young love separated by cruel parents I teared up many times in this novel Sydney, the daughter, was awesome I loved the strength and vulnerability of her, and her total acceptance of her Mother from the start Jon the H was problematic for me and I had a hard time understanding his motivations I am not sure I liked him but I loved the heroine She was incredibly strong and instead of whining, she accepted what had happened and forgave those that hurt her, including Jon He was bitter, nasty and honestly, I almost didn t want them to end up together His words and actions were despicable and I took one star off simply because of him He was judgemental and lost 10 years of love with the h because he listened to his parents Just sad She never moved on either Just concentrated on being a doctor and mourning her dead child It never...

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    When I began reading the oh so awesome Made in Paradise by the talented USA Today author Donna Fasano on my cell, I kept going until the phone felt hot in my hand This is how fantastic this story plays out quite simply, I couldn t put it down I even had to recharge my batteries, the ones in my brain and my phone.Here s the skinny Made in Paradise begins with Dr Amber Holloway returning to her hometown after her father Harry s death, to sort through his belongings While lost in reverie, Amber discovers her hardworking dad has some mighty big secrets the monetary kind which is a hard differential from the sacrifices he d supposedly made on her behalf to put her through college with minimal expense to her.Jumping Joseph Who supplied Harry s hidden stash of money What kind of deal was involved to make him live like a beggar, when he had the means to live well How will Amber feel when she eventually learns why he was paid such a large sum of cash During her time in Pine Meadow, NJ, Amber is flung back to the past, recalling her wrong side of town childhood, and subsequent love affair with Jon Weston, a high ender with wealth behind him including parents who ve planned the course of his adulthood, a future that sure doesn t incl...

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    Made In Paradise by Donna FasanoMs Fasano does it again She takes a life changing situation for a couple of teenagers and almost turns it into a fairy tale Years later, after Amber Holloway s father passes away, she comes across a bank book for an account she knew nothing about She soon heads back to her old hometown in Pine Meadows, NJ to learn about this account and its balance Made in Paradise is an enthralling story of the girl from the wrong side of town and an older boy from a wealthy family who fell in love with each other over ten years ago When Amber and Jon Weston meet again, both of their worlds are turned upside down There is no doubt in Amber s mind that the little girl standing by Jon s side is her daughter, who she had been told was stillborn Neither Jon nor Amber can deny their attraction is still there, but there are lies from the past they both must come to terms with And then the wicked witch of the west, Jon s mother, makes her presence known again with disastrous consequences.The characters are all well drawn and their dialogue is real...

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    A second ChanceLoved this sweet story of Amber and Jon who come together again after 10 years and a secret kept by their parents who tried go keep them from the love they had for each other

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    10 years ago Amber was told that her baby was stillborn Through her grief, she moved on with her education and is now a medical doctor However, she must return to her hometown to settle her father s estate after his death What she doesn t expect is to discover that her child lived 10 years ago Jon was told that Amber rejected their child Since then, he s done everything possible to be a good father How is he supposed to act when Amber suddenly shows up after so many years What follows is a much emotional read than I expected There s a lot of emotions to process and untangle as well as the mystery of what exactly happened 10 years ago How was Amber convinced her baby was dead How was Jon convinced that she had rejected the child Will they learn the truth Can they find the love that once drew them together And, in the midst of it all is their ...

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    AmazingThis book is a feel good romance with a little heartache thrown in Spoilers beyond this point.She thought she lost her baby in an unimaginable way of still birth but then finding a hidden account and heading back to where it all began Deciding to see the one man that broke her heart But she s not the only one who has been lied too he thinks that she didn t want their child and sent her t...

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    Never trust a man who s name is spelled Jon without the H This book pissed off , I d have sued that bitch, nurse and doctore for all they had Child stealing MF ers And that SOB Jon doesn t deserve a second chance with ambe...

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    Eddi in FloridaThis is a very good book It is hard to put down The plot is well developed as are the characters.I did not give it 5 stars because of the repeated use of the conjunction and to begin sentences and usi...

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    Good story I liked the premise of forgiveness and second chances I however did not like how easily the heroine was swayed to feel unworthy What I love best about the book was the child Sydney The book could have been longer but a decent story to read about redemption and love.

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    5 starsI purchased a copy of the novella A Family Forever Novel Series book 2 Made in Paradise by Donna Fasano and this review was given freely.Amber finds an odd bank account which places her back with single father Jon a...

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