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Buckleby & Sons Very Strange Souvenirs Ebook Buckleby Sons Very Strange Souvenirs By George Brewington Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Henry Holt S Godwin Books Has Bought George Brewington S Buckleby Son S Very Strange Souvenirs, A Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure Pitched As Eva Ibbotson Meets Diana Wynne Jones, In A Preempt The Story Is About A Boy Who, While Helping Out At His Father S Undercover Monster Trading Store, Discovers That The Baby Troll Sleeping In The Freezer Is Being Sought By A Criminal Mastermind Plotting The Destruction Of West Coast America Publication Is Planned For Winter 2019.

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    Bailey Buckleby lives an interesting life in San Francisco, California with his father They run a monster catching business and a souvenir store that features some of San Francisco s most strange things Bailey, and a few others, know the secret that is in the back room of their store monsters Monsters are everywhere in fact, one of Bailey s pets is a Swiss Troll, so his dad says, that he often dresses up like a human and takes for a walk to the beach Also, Bailey accompanies his monster hunting father on trips to rid monsters from people s homes He isn t able to share this secret with anyone until he meets Savannah, a fellow seventh grade student, who knows about the presence of monsters As the story progresses, Bailey meets Axel, part human part dog, and he wants to take down Buckleby and Sons and also keep Henry, the supposed Swiss Troll, for himself Axel starts making Bailey question things his father has...

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    I received this book from Smith Publishing for honest Review Me and my daughter had fun reading this together It a perfect read for kids or anybody really.We are giving this 5 BIG STARS This is not my type of reading but was happy to received this cuz it was so good Know I have to read books of his and read action packed books.Wow what a surprising read Couldn t put it down and enjoyed every minute of it Has a nice flow right from the end of the other books to this book Just when I thought it was ending you turned and keep the reader at the edge of their chair.Keep up the great work Can t wait for the next adventure.I highly recommend this book.This was my first time reading anything from this author This was a awesome read It was fast read Just how I like it I couldn t put it down at all and I was so hooked in the story One setting read It was a good fantastic read The writing was good I love the setting and theme in the storyline ...

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    Thank you to Smith Publicity and George Brewington for including me in the blog tour for The Monster Catchers and sending me a copy for an honest review.The Monster Catchers does what my favourite middle grade books do, mix important world issues with a fun fantasy world In The Monster Catchers, Bailey and his father hunt and sell monsters Bailey loves reading and learning about the creatures and strives to understand them Along the way environmental issues and the nature of understanding differences are all explored within the world I love having issues beneath fun stories for kids, it helps me as a mother to take a story they love and are entertained by and then delve a little deeper in discussions.The...

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    No matter your size you have talents that make you a formidably adversary to many foes Baxter Bailey along with his lumber jack size father own a monster pet store along with catching pesky monsters With the ruins of San Francisco looming in the back ground from either the truth that monsters destroyed it or the government version that suggests that it was destroyed in a earthquake Baily soon realizes that his life is about to change when a evil dog headed man tries to steal Baileys pet troll Henry But what if Henry is not really a troll How could his father be wrong This was a interesting story with many twists and turns th...

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    I read the first couple of chapters It is fun and captivating, and I am anxiously awaiting publication, so I can read the rest Better than most of the fiction I have read.

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    Fantastic debut novel from Mr Brewington Highly recommend.

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    What a great story I thoroughly enjoyed this read

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    My 10 year old son was a very reluctant reader until he encountered this book, but upon picking it up, he flew through it in a few days and was totally captivated by the story He carried it with him everywhere he went and would read it at every opportunity I ve never seen him respond to a book in this way he was ready for the sequel as soon as he finished and immediately started rereading, because he didn t want it to end I read along with him, and it was easy for me to see why he liked it so much Bailey s story grabs the reader from page one, and is filled with a colorful cast of engaging, fantastical characters It was a treat for my son to read and a treat for me, to see him become so engrossed in a story I highly recommend The M...

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    Blog Bookstagram TwitterThank you to Smith Publicity and the author, George Brewington, for allowing me the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Monster Catchers blog tour and for sending me a copy to read and review.TRIGGER WARNINGS death, kidnapping We can t always think of ourselves There are so many creatures in the world that need love Main Characters Bailey Buckleby the main character and co owner of Buckleby and Sons He s a monster catcher like his father, but questions how his father goes about the business Very compassionate and has a good Frisbee throwing arm Dougie Buckleby Bailey s father and the owner of Buckleby and Sons He has taught Bailey everything he knows about being a monster catcher A bit selfish by not really listening to Bailey, even though he always ends up being right Savannah schoolmate of Bailey s turned friend A part of the Bullhead Brigade, which Nikos is also a part of Henry baby Swiss troll that is taken in by Dougie But is he Candycane Boom a loan shark that ends up teaming up with Axel Pazuzu Later become an alley to Bailey, Savannah, and Nikos Nikos a Minotaur that is hired to take down Bailey and his father but...

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    This is a wonderful story for a young boy or girl It is so well written Mr Brewington brought a new perspective to this genre His rich character descriptions allowed me to visual and fully understand them The action that was placed throughout the story was the right amount It kept me wanting to know what would happen next Finally I always applaud an author who describes the scenes well I clearly visualized where the characters where throughout the story I was right ther...

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