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    I received this book through NetGalley.This thought provoking middle grade book is about fate and the power of choice Willow has become a miniature adult in her family Her younger brother is deathly sick and undiagnosed despite endless tests their mom is obsessed with curing the boy, with Willow ignored and their dad has moved out, unable to handle anything In the thick one of snowstorm, Willow, her mom, and brother wreck their car but find themselves promptly rescued by people from a small town But Willow is soon unnerved by the weird way townsfolk predict what she will do It s like magic.I really enjoyed this book, and I really would have loved it as ...

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    This fantastically creative coming of age story is snowy, full of magic and intrigue, and dives into the power of choice over fate It s the perfect read for upper elementary school and middle school kids Megan G.

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    I had the opportunity to read a NetGalley digital ARC of this middle grade fantasy novel in exchange for a review Navigating the rough waters of adolescence is tough, especially when you re also faced with a health crisis in your family and the resulting strains on relationships Willow s younger brother, Wisp, has a rare, mysterious illness that affects his ability to eat and also makes him weak and tired much of the time Willow s mom is consumed with worry as she seeks out a cure from health care professionals, nutritionists, and any other promising source.When an unexpected New England winter storm leaves the three of them stranded in Kismet, Maine with only the clothes they re wearing, they have to rely on the kindness and generosity of the mysterious townspeople Willow feels very uncomfortable with how much everyone seems to know about her and her family, even though they ve never met When a doctor in the town s hospital seems to have a promising treatment for Wisp s condition, Willow s mom decides to stay in Kismet indefinitely.Willow meets some of the other kids her age that live in Kismet, and what she learns about the town s magic only leads to questions She becomes romantically close to Topher, who is about to turn thirteen When kids in this town turn thirteen, they are required to either accept the magic of the town or leave forever This story will have readers wondering if they would prefer the assurance of always knowing what is goin...

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    kidlitexchange partner The Root of Magic by Kathleen Benner Duble Releases June 11th, 2019 The Root of Magic is written in third person present tense If you can get used to that, you ll have no problem I had to get used to it, but it still in no way distracted me from the plot In The Root of Magic, a small family finds themselves stranded by a snowstorm in a town where right away, everything feels off In fact, to me, before I knew what was going on, it felt downright sinister, but maybe I ve read too much dark YA lately Everyone acts weird and no one will explain what s going on Willow, our young main character, ultimately discovers the truth the town itself is magic, with a supernatural mind and will of its own, and everyone age 13 and up must make a decision They can stay, trapped forever by the town, and gain the ability to see into the future one day at a time or they can leave and never see their families again The Root of Magic raises the complex issues of our predetermined des...

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    I received a free review copy from the publisher All opinions are my own.THE ROOT OF MAGIC is an interesting middle grade book about fate, free will, and family The writing was well done and I was engaged enough to keep reading I wanted to discover the source of the magic in the mysterious town of Kismet.While I enjoyed the book thematically, I cannot recommend it to young readers Here s why there are basically two mean girl characters in this book One is described as girl next door what does that mean to you To most readers, it will mean white and probably blonde.The other is described as exotic what does that mean to you The exotic character is later revealed to be dark skinned and is the only character in the book whose skin tone is noted at all She turns out to be the meaner of the twono positive side of her character is ever revealed.It is well documented that people ...

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    One of the big questions posed by The Root of Magic is the difference between fate and free will Fate being that your life is preplanned, already decided versus the free will of choosing your own path, having the ability to change things yourself The characters in the story are given an opportunity to know what each day has in store for them, the knowledge of everything that is to happen tomorrow and the time to prepare for it A life that is predictable, ordered, knowing what to expect, with less of the stress of the unknown Yet, although it may bring peace of mind, what do you give up in the process What about being spontaneous, the joy of surprising someone What are you loosing with knowing tomorrow This is the dilemma that faces Willow when she enters the town of Kismet Something she isn t really fully aware of until she meet...

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    The true magic of life lies in those days that are not yet known There is power in choice, but how does it relate to fate A fun thought to discuss This short middle grade fiction has a creative storyline, magic, intrigue, a strong protagonist, family sibling relationship, and topics that are hard but kids can relate to Willow s brother Wisp is sick, and the doctors can t solve it The impact his sickness has on his friendships, sibling relationship, and on his parents is well written This book would make a great bibliotherapy book for kids with a sick sibling To be honest, the story for an adult is a bit predictable, but I actually didn t mind the predictability, b c there was enough intrigue I doubt many kids will be able to predict the storyline Rating 4 5 starsBest For 9 12 years old, 3rd through 6th grade girls of Pages 212Clean Read Yes Worth a Check Out Yes Buy It or Not Maybe If you re looking for a great story to read with your children or class Read Aloud Yes It could be a great read aloud for 3rd 6th grade The chapters a...

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    kidlitexchange partnerThank you to the kidlitexchange network and the publisher for the advance copy of The Root of Magic by Kathleen Benner Duble This book was released on June 11, 2019 Two years ago things changed for Willow when her brother fell ill He has a mysterious illness that doctors haven t been able to figure out In those two years, her parents separated as they had differing views of how to care for Wisp, Willow s brother The separation is bitter and Willow s mom seems to despise her father and blames him for them being caught in a snow storm During the snow storm, their car crashes on a bridge and Wisp, Willow, and their mom are saved just before their car topples into the icy river below Their rescuers take them to a very small Canadian town called Kismet Willow soon realizes that there is something odd about Kismet and its residents Soon, she realizes that the town is magic, but the magic comes with a choice one that Willow doesn t know if she s willing, or even capable, of ma...

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    Thank you to Blue Slip Media for a review copy All opinions are my own.Willow and her family sans father find themselves in Kismet, Vermont after nearly going off a bridge during a snowstorm Willow s younger brother is very sick, though the doctors can t figure out what is actually wrong with him While their mother initially wants to get back on the road as quickly as possible, there is a magical undertone to the town that is luring her in.Willow knows that something is off about the town the moment they get there Cora, the woman who owns the BB, makes up a room for 3, including a roll away bed with a bucket next to it in case Wisp gets sick In the morning, Cora gets Willow grapefruit juice, an unusual choice, before she even asks for it Somehow everyone is always one step ahead of them Willow tries to go along with it and gets enjoyment out of a friendship with young Topher, whose mother is ...

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    Willow is returning from a hockey game when a sudden snowstorm appears and causes an accident An accident that could had been deadly if someone hadn t shown up in time to rescue them Willow s mom is always worried about Willow s little brother Wisp a very sick boy When they are rescued they are taken to a bed and breakfast in Kismet, Maine Kismet is a very small town less than 200 people The people are all very friendly but strange They seem to know what is going to happen before it does It spooks Willow Why Her mom who has been constantly worried about Wisp, but suddenly stops in Kismet Why Willow gets a friend who gives mysterious hints about Kismet, which only frustrates her When the kids of Kismet turn 13, they must make a decision to live in Kismet forever or leave If they decide to leave, they can never g...

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The Root of Magic Download The Root Of Magic Author Kathleen Benner Duble Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Delacorte Press Has Acquired Kathleen Benner Duble S Untitled Middle Grade Novel, A Magical Realist Story About A Strange Town Where Residents Can See The Future, And A Brave Girl S Adventure That Could Save Or Hurt The People She Loves Most Publication Is Planned For Spring 2019.

  • Hardcover
  • The Root of Magic
  • Kathleen Benner Duble
  • 28 June 2018

About the Author: Kathleen Benner Duble

Kathleen Benner Duble had sixteen car accidents before she was twenty one Being an at home writer keeps her from hitting the road or anyone else She is the author of eight books for children Kathleen loves digging for unique historical fiction plotlines and encouraging students and lovers of books to look for great stories right in their own backyard