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Angel Thieves An Ocelot A Slave An Angel Thief Multiple Perspectives Spanning Across Time Are United Through Themes Of Freedom, Hope, And Faith.Sixteen Year Old Cade Curtis Is An Angel Thief After His Mother S Family Rejected Him For Being Born Out Of Wedlock, He And His Dad Moved To The Apartment Above A Local Antique Shop The Only Payment The Owner Mrs Walker Requests Marble Angels, Stolen From Graveyards, For Her To Sell For Thousands Of Dollars To Collectors But There S One Angel That Would Be The Last They D Ever Need To Steal An Angel, Carved By A Slave, With One Hand Open And One Hand Closed If Only Cade Could Find It Sixteen Year Old Soleil Broussard Is Meant To Save Cade Curtis At Least That S What She Thinks God Wants Her To Do With The Country And The World The Way It Is, Bridget Takes Great Comfort In Her Church And Religion, And Maybe That S Just What Cade Needs Comfort Maybe It S What Everyone Needs.Zorra, A Young Ocelot, Watches The Bayou Rush Past Her Yearningly The Poacher Who Captured And Caged Her Has Long Since Lost Her, And Zorra Is Getting Hungrier And Thirstier By The Day Trapped, She Only Has The Sounds Of The Bayou For Comfort But It Tells Her Help Will Come Soon.Before Zorra, Achsah, A Slave, Watched The Very Same Bayou With Her Two Young Daughters After The Death Of Her Master, Achsah Is Free, But She Ll Be Damned If Her Daughters Aren T Freed With Her All They Need To Do Is Find The Church With An Angel With One Hand Open And One Hand Closed

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    How interesting does this premise sound Confusing, but intriguing.Honestly, I m here for the ocelot.

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    1.5 starsI have zero idea what took place during this one because one POV voice was from a river Full review can be found here have a really strong feeling that I was not the right reader for this book Why do I start my review that way Simple I did not understand what was going on and therefore did not enjoy the book I wanted to because it had everything necessary to make a good story, but it never hooked me I really believe one of the reasons I did not enjoy this as much was because one of the POV voices was that of a river You read that right a river.I believe this story was about several smaller stories woven together throughout time to make one larger story Those are difficult to manage and for me it was not successfully done here There were three voices that I could pinpoint a river, an ocelot, and some s life that has something to do with an angel headstone I know that s rather vague, but the entire story felt vague While the strange POV chapters and I do mean strange, an ocelot as a voice felt scattered and flat, the entire story itsel...

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    Who would ve thought angels, ocelots, and runaway slaves could make such an amazing story Binge read this one in one sitting because it was so good Angel Thieves is told through multiple perspectives whose stories parallel across the span of a century.Cade An angel thief literally He and his dad steal angels from graveyards to make ends meet I think he was my favorite character in this book Soleil A nice Christian girl and love interest of Cade I liked her character but wasn t too crazy about her though I did love the story about her honey bear tattoo Zora Who would ve thought an ocelot could make a compelling narrative My heart broke for herover and over again.Achsah A runaway slave trying to escape to Mexico with her young children.And these characters are brought together by the bayou Although it may not seem so, these narratives are seamlessly interwoven The angel motif symbolism is quite evident I liked how the angel represented something different for each character Additionally, I really liked the format of the novel This book is not told chronologically and jumps through time, revealing information only was absolutely necessary which added to the story s intrigue The chapters are short and alternate in POVs Each br...

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    Very well done, I think this is the best example I ve ever seen of how multiple confusing perspectives can be not confusing at all It s a good story, terrific characters, and an all around finely constructed book Thanks so much to the publishers rep who wa...

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    I recieved a copy of Angel Thieves in return of an honest reviewThis is my first Kathi Appelt book however, it most certainly wont be my last She is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT Angel Thieves is told from multiple point of views, Cade an angel thief, Zorra the ocelet, Soleil Broussard a preacher s daughter, Achsah slave , and the Bayou, each with their own stories and minor characters, yet they are all intertwined in some fashion The story is not in chronological order, instead, the timelines are all jumbled, however I feel that was the intention I felt that there were some individual stories that left the reader with questions, at least in my case It is apparent that a lot of time was put into researching different parts of history slavery and Texas fight for independence from Mexico and integrating it in her book The story is divided into short chapters, if you want to call them...

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    5 10

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    Where do I startI didn t love this book, nor did I hate it either I just found myself thrown around too often by the multiple POV S.There s some good parts and interesting parts, but since the POV s kept flipping so often, I felt disconnected.I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I just couldn t really get into it, I m sorry to say.On a positive note, the characters h...

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    2.25 5Kathi Appelt did not give herself an easy job A fiction novel, rooted in a dynamic, multi perspective narration, does not allow for any true, appreciable characterization to occur It was difficult to empathize with any of the novel s characters, simply because I was never able to witness enough of their personality character to truly establish a connection to them There were multip...

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    One of my favorite authors, always beautiful descriptions and characters I enjoyed book but felt the end was rushed and I didn t feel enough satisfaction with all the characters seperate stories Still great and worth reading, just wanted a bit

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book The author weaves history, nature, spirituality, and a teen romance, telling her story through multiple time periods and points of view Masterful.