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Necropolitics, Racialization, and Global Capitalism This Book Articulates A Contemporary, Globalized World As One In Which Radical Disparities In Distribution Of Wealth Are Being Reproduced As The Basis For Depoliticized Social, Institutional, And Ideological Discourses At Its Center Is A Reorientation Of Global Capitalism From The Management Of Life Towards Making A Surplus Value From Death This Change Is Presented As A Reorientation Of Biopolitics Bio Meaning Life To Necropolitics Necro Meaning Death Therefore In The Book We Work With Processes Of Change, Of A Historicization Of Biopolitics And Its Turn Into Necropolitics That Leads To A Theoretical Trajectory From M Foucault To A Mbembe And Beyond This Book Interprets The Sustained Perception Of Existence Of Dichotomy Between These Provisional Extremes As A Trademark Of Apolitical And Or Post Political Logics On Which Contemporary Institutional, Political, And Social Discourses Tend To Be Structured Upon More, Contrary To The Majority Of Approaches That Insists On A Profound Dichotomy Between Democracy And Totalitarianism, Between Poverty And Free Market, And Between Democracy And Capitalism, This Book Does Not Interpret These Relations As Dichotomous, But As Mutually Fulfilling The Book Elaborates, In The Context Of Articulation Of These Logics, Contemporary, Imperial Racism Racialization As An Ideology Of Capitalism And States That The First World S Monopoly On Definition Of Modernity Has Its Basis In Contemporary Reorganization Of Colonialism In The Book, The Authors Trace A Forensic Methodology Of Global Capitalism With Which Life, Art, Culture, Economy, And The Political Are Becoming Part Of A Detailed System Of Scrutiny Presented And Framed In Relation To Criminal Or Civil Law Criminalization Of Each And Every Segment Of Our Life Is Working Hand In Hand With A Depoliticization Of Social Conflicts And Pacification Of The Relation Between Those Who Rules And Those Who Are Ruled The Outcome Is A Differentiation Of Every Single Concept That Must From Now Bear The Adjectives Of The Necropolitical Or Forensic Therefore We Can Talk About Forensic Images, Art, Projects, And Necropolitical Life, Democracy, Citizenship This Will Change Radically The Perspectives Of An Emancipative Project Of Politics If It Is Any Possible To Be Named As Such For The Future.

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