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Tearing Down Walls (Miracle, #5) PDF Epub Tearing Down Walls Miracle, 5 By Shea Balik In A World Where Everyone Was Against Them, They Needed A Miracle What No One Had Expected Was To Find Their Salvation In An Abandoned Town That Was Ready To Collapse Yet, That Is Exactly What Happened When They Moved To The Town Of Miracle, Oregon Finding One S Mate Should Be The Greatest Moment In A Shifter S Life, But For Chadwick Ramos, Who Had Been Waiting For His Mate Since He Was Five, He Was No Longer Sure He Wanted A Mate At Least Not The One Fate Had Given Him A Dominate Alpha, Who Would Sure Want To Tell Him What To Do, Was Not His Idea Of The Loving Mate He D Always Dreamed Of Saber Thorsen Knew His Immense Size Was An Effective Deterrent To Those Wanting To Start Trouble He Just Hadn T Expected It To Have The Same Effect On His Mate It Would Take A Lot Of Patience And Understanding To Change Chadwick S Mind But For His Mate, Saber Would Do Whatever It Took If Only They Had Time But With The Challenge For The Council Coming Up, It Would Take A Miracle For Saber To Not Only Win, But To Survive The Battle It Was Probably Asking Too Much To Also Win The Heart Of His Mate Then Again, That S What Their Town Is About, Finding A Miracle.

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    While I liked this one, I have to say that it s not my favorite in the series The main relationship conflict is supposed to be that Chadwick, for reasons in his past, keeps running away from his mate Saber and their mating I did feel for Chadwick s past some of which has been mentioned in all of the other books and liked getting to see a little of the man behind all the jokes and snark What I didn t like was Saber s attitude He never respects Chadwick s wishes or boundaries Chadwick is constantly telling Saber to leave him alone and or walking away, only to have Saber act like a caveman and either pin him up against a wall or throw him over his shoulder and demand to talk This really hit me the wrong way Saber also in the continuing irritating tradition of this series to bestow one partner with a pet name calls Chadwick Kitten Chadwick hates this and keeps tell Saber not to call him that to no avail I think the ideal reader for this book is someone who likes a love interest to be a very domineering and wholly alpha type I felt like it made the dynamic seem a little too M F, but I can see where it would be a great attraction for some readers The story also had the dramatic fight for the council seats and the threat that Chadwick would lose the mate that he d been pushing away This par...

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    I enjoyed this installment, but at the same time it frustrated the hell out of me.This book brings us the story of Chadwick, one of our original cat shifters from Miracle, and Saber Thorsen, an alpha to end all alphas Saber is planning to become head of the new Council, so he doesn t really have time to be wooing a reluctant mate, but he s not willing to let Chadwick go Saber is another one of those alphas who deep down is kind of a sweetie despite his badass exterior I liked that he was an ape shifter, but to be honest I kept forgetting what he was With a name like Saber I kept picturing him as a big cat.Firstly, I loved the huge battle between the Council s army and the good guy army from Miracle It s always disappointing if a battle is built up in previous books just to fizzle out into a big old nothing That wasn t the case with this book I also liked that the dreaded Council finally takes a staring role in this series, though for now Miracle is still the focus My third positive was that finally, the big tough alpha doesn t automatically assume he s going to be the one who gets to top every time they have sex I appreciated that equality.My frustrations How did a war between thousands of shifters go undetected by any humans No matter how isolated the location that can not go unnoticed Also, Kirill, our bear MC from book 3 became Krill Not just once, but constantly At...

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    This book had me convinced Chadwick and Saber met in a previous book because it just starts in the middle I skip instalments if they don t appeal to me Because I wanted Saber and Chadwick s actual first meeting I went back to read book 4 and was really disappointed to find Saber and Chadwick s meeting is glossed over as an aside What the hell As another reviewer pointed out, Saber was a bully He felt entitled to Chadwick and dismissed him as a brat when he wouldn t talk to him No one owes anyone their time, Chadwick should have just been able to say I m not interested and Saber should have accepted that as Chadwick s right Of course, any good alpha would then set about wooing their mate, not Saber, he just growled and demanded an audience Forcibly taking someone som...

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    ExcellentI really think that Shea Balik had come into her stride with these last two books The series started out a little rough, but I ve been entertained and engaged with the last book, and with this one.I did find that the Chief Counsel s plans seemed a bit anemic when faced with Sage, but it c...

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    The heat is up now.This book is pivotal to the whole series So much happens here for the couple, the pack, and for shifters everywhere I can t get enough of these books.www.reviewsforthosewholoveagoodbook.w

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    I read Tearing Down Walls on a whim and gosh it was a terribly undeveloped, fast paced novella To be truthful this is boring, fast paced, predictable romance.

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    Really enjoying MiracleReally enjoyed this story Exciting and thrilling but fun and loving and family all in one I completely enjoy Miracle

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    3.25 stars

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    I am really enjoying this series It is well written with well developed characters I am looking forward to starting the next book in the series.

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    Quick 100 pages or so read.Great addition to the series Enjoyable and Entertaining read.MM.Chadwick and Saber story.Saber challenges the Chief from the Shifter Council.

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