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Koobi Fora Research Project BOOKS Koobi Fora Research Project Author Lars Werdelin Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk The Seventh Volume In The Koobi Fora Research Project Monograph Series, The Carnivora Describes The Carnivore Collection Of Fossils Recovered From The Omo Turkana Basin The Order Is Well Represented At Koobi Fora By 6 Families, Each Of Which Is Described In A Separate Section Within These Sections, Each Genus And Species Is Discussed With General Background, Nomenclatural Information, A Diagnosis, Holotype Information For Fossil Taxa , Type Locality, And Information On Stratigraphic Range In Africa And At Koobi Fora Specifically The Publication Is Illustrated With Photographs Of The Fossil Remains, Including Over 120 Figures And Detailed Lists Of Recovered Elements And Measurements Of Each.This Publication Includes An Electronic DVD Copy With The Hardcover Book The Electronic Version Includes The Full Text Of The Publication, Complete Specimen Measurement Tables, And Over 1,600 Color Images Of The Carnivore Fossils.Established In 1968, The Koobi Fora Research Project Now Operates Under The Coordination Of The Turkana Basin Institute, A Collaborative Arrangement Between Stony Brook University, New York, And The National Museums Of Kenya.

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