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The Currency of Love Reading The Currency Of Love Author Jill Dodd Bandcamptomp3.co.uk This Page Turning Memoir Of Decadence And Faith Will Resonate With Seekers Everywhere Publishers Weekly Starred Review A Remarkable Story Well Worth Reading BooklistIn This Courageous And Inspiring Memoir About Personal Freedom And Spiritual Empowerment, Jill Dodd Writes Earnestly And Refreshingly About Learning Many Of Life S Difficult Lessons The Hard Way Kirkus Reviews Through Her Journey From Paris Model To Saudi Billionaire S Harem Wife To Multi Million Dollar Business Entrepreneur.In The 1980s, Jill Dodd Determined That Her Ticket Out Of An Abusive Home Was To Make It As A Top Model In Paris Armed With Only Her Desire For Freedom And Independence, She Embarks On An Epic Journey That Takes Her To Uncharted Territory The Parisian Fashion Industry With All Its Beautiful Glamour And Its Ugly Underbelly Of Sex, Drugs, And Excess From There, Jill Begins An Eye Opening Adventure That Includes Trips To Monte Carlo, Sexual Exploitation, And Falling In Love With One Of The Richest Men In The World, Agreeing To Become One Of His Wives Until She Finds The Courage To Walk Away From It All And Rebuild Her Dreams The Currency Of Love Is A Raw, Honest, And Inspiring Portrait Of A Young Woman S Struggles And Triumphs From Fashion Model To Saudi Billionaire S Pleasure Wife To Founder And Creator Of Global Fashion Line, ROXY This Modern Memoir With A Feminist Fairy Tale Twist Reveals How One Woman Chose To Live Her Life Without Forfeiting Her Independence, Ambition, Creative Expression, And Free Spirit, All While Learning One Invaluable Lesson Nothing Is Worth The Sacrifice Of Her Integrity, Inner Peace, And Spirit.

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    Let me begin by disclosing that I know very little about modeling, fashion or Paris, yet still found this book to be very captivating and finished it in three sittings Ms Dodd s story telling is like a virtual reality experience which puts you there alongside her both externally and with her internal struggles The 1st half of the book speaks to how her childhood left scars on her young adulthood in the fashion modeling industry in Europe The 2nd half of the book dives into her relationship with Mr Adnan Khashoggi.The 1st half of the book really opens up that in the late 70s and early 80s, there was so much of a sense of an entitlement within the fashion industry with the overload of male designers and photographers 30 years later and the last few months have shown us with the MeToo movement that unfortunately not much has changed with that male misogyny dynamic Ms Dodd has common themes of always sticking up for herself to the point where it cost her standing and opportunity in the industry She speaks to her sense of determination and continuing to earn her stripes and grind it out The 2nd half of the book really makes you ask yourself What would I do as her dealings with Mr Khashoggi were really a once in a lifetime opportunity You find yourself putting yourself in her shoes as well as his as she tastefully and maturely takes you dow...