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Maybe (Lassiter Sisters, #2) PDF Epub Maybe Lassiter Sisters, 2 Author Joy Avery Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Sometimes, All It Takes Is The Right Motivation Artist Rana Lassiter Has Sworn Off Men After Being Hurt, She Prefers Painting Passionate Scenes Of Love On Her Canvas Instead Of The Real Thing But When She Meets Mount Pleasance S Newest Arrival, Sexy And Suave Fireman Dallas Fontaine, She Envisions A Different Kind Of Stroke Than The Ones She Performs With Her Brush To Say She S Attracted To The Debonair Man Is An Understatement, But She Refuses To Fall Victim To His Good Looks, Charm Or Persistence Dallas Has Never Had A Problem Getting Any Woman He Wants And He Wants Rana In A Way He S Never Wanted Any Woman Before There S Just One Problem She Doesn T Want Him But She Will By The Time He S Done, She Won T Be Able To Resist His Blazing Kisses But Nothing Is Easy, Especially Love When A Life Altering Event Occurs, It Will Test Them Both Are They Strong Enough To Forge Through The Catastrophic Storm, Or Will They Allow It To Destroy Their Chance At Happily Ever After

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    Love at it s finest An absolutely beautiful love story Rana and Dallas s love leapt off the pages Each have the other strength when it was needed Love conquers all

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    Excellent readExcellent read, I enjoyed the characters and the storyline Dallas and Rana are a good couple I recommend this book.

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    I absolutely love Dallas Fontaine and Rana Lassiter s story An undeniable love story that leaves you thinking about the characters for days Rana, who was deeply hurt in the past, found it hard to lay her heart on the line again Dallas, who never had a problem getting a woman knew different From the first time he laid eyes on Rana, he knew he had to have her She was indeed the woman for him Truth be told, she was feeling the sexy newcomer to Pleasance Grove, Dallas as well So much so that he became her secret muse and inspiration to her soul of beautiful creations Dallas appreciated the true gift of the artistry of Rana He used her gift to show her how to make her beautiful creations a reality that lifted straight from the canvas to one s heart With persistence and a little help from family, these two were destined to be a match made from heaven Just as the stone layers were removed from Rana s heart, creating a special place for Dallas, the unthinkable happened Dallas received devasting news at the most inopportune time How could he share with Rana news that could shape their future of happily ever after He did what he thought best, to leave her and give up the love he fought so hard for, to protect Rana from the foreseen heartache and pain However, he didn t know he was dealing with a strong, overcomer, a Lassiter True love is not so easily separated, however, this is one time that they mu...

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    My review for MAYBE by Joy Avery I love it when a series starts off good and gets even better with the next book Omg This one is my favorite by far In this novella, we focus on Rana Lassiter and Dallas Fontaine The perils of life surrounds these two but the strength and love radiates from the pages and resonates with you as the reader Not to mention the fact that Joy Avery approached a tender topic...

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    Another awesome read by the amazing Joy Avery I could not put this book down and read it in one day Joy touched on some very sensitive issue that you do not hear many people talk bout mental illness and cancer I applaud Joy for stepping out of her normal writing and talking about them Rana and Dallas a...

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    Definitely Maybe was a definite yes. The second Lassiter s story was just as nice as the first The Health scare with Dallas was superbly written I was sad and mad and just plain upset when he pushed Rana away Thank goodness...

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    This book was really good from the beginning to the end Dallas and Raina did my heart good their love story was soooo good The ending was soooo good My second book by this author and it completely blew me away On to the next book.

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    This book Love from bringing to end.Dallas found a woman that will be by his side good or bad I need to go to and Art gallery Joy Avery you made me leave Nico for Dallas.lol Great book

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    AmazingThis story was so good I enjoyed every page of this book Dallas Rana hit it off it was well worth the wait So happy Dallas didn t allow his situation to ruin a chance with Rana I m happy they have their happily ever after.

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    Emotional and healingI don t want to give it away but I cried like a baby at the end of this book, but it was a healing cry I can t wait until the last book These sisters make me want to join the family.

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