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An Outsider’s Guide to Statically Typed Functional Programming An Outsider S Guide To Statically Typed Functional Programming Author Brian Marick Ivogue.co.uk Dynamically Typed Functional Languages Like Clojure And Elixir Are Now At The Point Where I Feel Comfortable Basing A Commercial Application On Them If You Use Clojure Instead Of Java, Or Elixir And Phoenix Instead Of Ruby On Rails, You Ll Be Fine Your App Might Still Fail, But It Won T Be Because Of The Technology Stack.Statically Typed Functional Languages Like Elm, Purescript, Haskell, Or Idris Are Definitely Becoming Popular, But In My Opinion Are Not Clearly Safe Bets For Mainstream Applications By Mainstream , I Mean Applications That Require Only Ordinary Reliability I Sometimes See HTTP 500 Errors On Websites I Shrug And Try Again Netflix Via My Fire Media Player Occasionally Gets Stuck Loading A TV Show I Shrug, Back Out, Click On The Show Again, And It Works This Restriction To Ordinary Reliability Matters, Because The Static FP Languages Are Much Obviously Useful In Cases Where Runtime Errors Can Kill People Applications That Work In Messy Domains Messy Domains Are Ones Like Payroll Systems That Have To Deal With Decades Of Special Cases Negotiated By Unions Or Enterprise Applications With A Long History Of Salespeople Making Special Deals To Close Big Sales Deals That Require Special Case Code Somewhere In The System Or, Generally, Any Application In Direct Contact With People Who Can T Be Forced To Behave In A Consistent, Lawful Way Applications That Are Continuously Growing New Features Sometimes One Of Those Features Forces A Rethink Of A Domain Model, And A Major Challenge Is Getting The Architecture To A State Where Such Rethinking Doesn T Have A Ripple Effect That Makes Every Change Hugely Expensive.The Programmers Who Work On Mainstream Applications Are Rarely The Target Audience Of The Static FP Literature They Are Exactly The Target Audience For This Book My Goal Is To Make The Most Compelling Case I Can That Static FP Will Give You New Abilities, Especially New Abilities For Modeling A Messy Domain Riddled With Exceptions To The Rules I Aim To Do That By Teaching You Idioms, Habits, And Design Patterns That Can Make This Style Of Programming An Ordinary Practice For You To Perform Rather Than A Pile Of Ideas For You To Connect.

  • ebook
  • 509 pages
  • An Outsider’s Guide to Statically Typed Functional Programming
  • Brian Marick
  • English
  • 27 November 2017

About the Author: Brian Marick

Brian Marick first learned to program in 1976, using the Tutor language He has since done real programming in C, Common Lisp, Java, Ruby, Clojure, Elixir, and Elm Much of his career, though, has been spent consulting, first on software testing, then after he lucked into being one of the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development on testing and programming on Agile teams He s writte

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