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All-In-One Basic to Advanced Guide to Genealogy & Ancestry History Research This Book Is The One All Inclusive Guide You Can T Do Without, The Most Thorough And Comprehensive, From Basic To Advanced, Easy To Follow, No Fluff Strategy To Researching Your Ancestry This Guide Not Only Helps You Find Genealogical Information, But Digs Deeper Into How To Actually Interpret That Information, Verify Its Accuracy, And How To Use What You Find To Make Further Discoveries Whether You Ve Decided To Embark On This Adventure For A School Project, To Connect To A Famous Ancestor, Because You Were Motivated By A Television Show, Because You Are Looking For A Hobbyyou Will Realize That Whatever The Reason, You Develop Into A Collector Of Knowledge, You Become A Historian It Didn T Take Long After Starting My Personal Ancestry Research Projects For Me To Become Wonderfully Invested In And Consumed By Discovering My Past, My Origins, And My Family Connections Having Spent Greater Than Seven Years Fumbling Through Various Guides, Conducting Web Searches, Bouncing Between Various Online Subscription Sites, Travelling To Conduct Research, And Hunting Through Archives And Databases To Find And Figure Out The Best Way To Go About Research For My Own Ancestry Projectsalong The Way, I Prepared Myself A Guide And In Telling Fascinating Stories Of My Discoveries, My Family And Friends Became Interested In Conducting Ancestry Research Of Their Own I Didn T Want Them To Experience The Same Stumbling Blocks As I Did, And Wanted To Simplify The Process As Much As Possible I Wanted To Give Them A Simple, But Thorough, Step By Step Guide To The Basics As Well As The Technical Aspects Of Ancestry Research That Are Used By Professional Researchers I Hope It Helps You As Much As It Has Me, My Family, And My Friends Enjoy Your Passage Through Time I Hope That Your Journey Is Enlightening And That Throughout Your Journey, You Learn About Yourself Than You Ever Thought Possible.

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