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    29 52 books read in 2019.This is probably the least exciting volume out of the four comics made based on Raymond Khoury s book The Last Templar, but it was quite enjoyable nonetheless In this series we follow two story lines that of the Templar Knights when their city was destroyed, and that of Tess Chaykin whose visit to a gala was aggressively interrupted by a group of robbers claiming the legacy of the original Templar Knights and, as a result of that, becomes an informal part of the investigating team This is the first in a series of four, so we are introduced to the mai...

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    Cinebook s new series is a tale that begins the Templar knights as they are forced to flee Jerusalem With the battle all but lost two knights are entrusted with the task of getting a small chest away by sea, a mission they barely achieve The story then moves to present day New York and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting a spectacular launch for their new show called the Treasures Of The Vatican where we re introduced to archaeologist Tess Chaykin, along with her mother and daughter Just as she begins catching up with an old archaeologist friend four horseman dressed as Templar knights assault the exhibition with swords and automatic weapons, grabbing valuable artefacts before fleeing into the night.It s a serious enough case to warrant the presence of the FBI, and soon a shaken Tess and her family find themselves being charmed by the handsome Agent Reilly Later, when reviewing the CCTV footage, Reilly realises the close proximity of Tess to one of the criminals so arranges to meet up, allowing Tess to not just share her eye witness account but her insights and knowledge of the Templars Significantly, it s the object she witnessed being taken, a sixteenth century encoder, that proves interesting.Back at the Vatican a meeting of cardinals are horrified at the events in New York, but one is disturbed than most, realising the significance of one of the stolen objects And back in Manhattan, one of the membe...

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 L'encodeur (Le Dernier Templier, #1) New York, De Nos Jours Lors D Une Exposition Sur Les Tr Sors Du Vatican, Quatre Cavaliers Habill S En Templier Surgissent Et D Robent Un Objet Cette Disparition Inqui Te Au Plus Haut Point Le Vatican Qui Comprend Que Ce Vol Spectaculaire A Un Lien Avec Un Secret Qui Remonte Au XIII Me Si Cle Cet Objet, R Cup R Par Les Templiers, Peut Tout Simplement Remettre En Question Les Fondements De La Chr Tient Un Agent Du FBI, Associ Une Jeune Arch Ologue, Part La Recherche De L Objet Une Enqu Te De Tous Les Dangers Le Dernier Templier A D Abord T Un Roman De M Khoury Devenu Un Best Seller International Et Qui Sera Adapt En Une S Rie T L Sur M6 En 2009 Mais Il S Agit Surtout D Un R Cit D Aventure Haletant Travers Les Ges