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One of a Kind Bold, Graphic Art By Indie Rocker Chris Gorman Of Belly Captures The Thrill And Challenges Of Marching To Your Own Beat Meet A Pogo Dancing, Punk Rock Loving Kid Who Loves To Express Himself In His Own Unique Way His Clothes, Hairstyle, Music, And Just The Way He Hears The World, All Set Him Apart Not Everyone Understands Him, But He Likes Being One Of A Kind Even Though It S Lonely Sometimes Fortunately, It S A Wide World Out There, And If He Looks Around A Kid Is Sure To Find Other One Of A Kinds With Common Interests.

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    I started reading One of a Kind on 5 20 18 and finished it that same night I planned on reading this book to my son as a bedtime story but he decided to read it by himself We both liked this book I like that he reads it for himself and hopefully uses it as a guide I like how this book is written for kids who are different I like the reminder that there are other kids that are different too so they wouldn t have to always feel left out.In this book, readers will follow a boy, who likes punk rock and dresses too cool for kids his age He feels left out of the norm where other kids may wear casual clothing or into sports His interests are different from the others and he likes being one of a kind, but he does feels lonely sometimes If he looks up and see that there are one, two, or three kids who likes similar music that he likes, then they all could be different together and then he wouldn t feel so alone any.This book is well written and illustrated The black and white captures the punk rock and the pink and yellow font truly pull readers attention I like how this book encourages kids to be who they are and embrace what they like to do I like that young kids can express the love for music other than their target age and pursue their interest rather than wait because they may be too young for it I like the reminder that being different is lonel...

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    Great book that lets kids know you can march to the beat of you own and find friends along the way

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    I ve enjoyed reading the comments about this book and seeing everyone s different ideas.When I read the book, I thought it was great to see how at the beginning, the boy celebrates what makes him unique, but also acknowledges that being different can result in being lonely This is where the book makes a turn and shows by making at least one friend, or , that has the same interest...

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    A celebration of being oneself and how finding a tribe of your own kind can lead into something special.

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    Hmmm not sure I agree with the message of this book Despite the title of this book, the underlying message seems to actually be be one of kind, but try to find people who are just like you.

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    Great illustrations Good message about individuality without being strident.

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    The illustrations are so retro 80 s it makes me nostalgic Parents who were kids then will probably love sharing this book.

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    A young boy celebrates his individuality as well as the joys of finding his punk rock tribe.All children regardless of how mainstream they actually are will relate to feeling different and misunderstood as well as the loneliness and longing entailed therein They will also identify with the pride of breaking from the norm Adults will enjoy the irony that the young protagonist expresses his heterogeneity through membership in a homogeneous group It reminds me of a scene from Monty Python s The Life of Brian Brian You don t need to follow me You re all individuals Crowd Yes, we re all individuals I enjoyed very much that this was a children s book featuring the punk rock subculture The black and white illustrations have a devious charm while remaining completely appropriate for pre k readers I also appreciated the gender balance in the punk rock band that the little boy forms It infuses inclusivi...

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    Terrific, simple story about the importance of being yourself Visually, this is a very interesting book, with fantastic black and white images accompanied by simple bold text highlighted in pink and yellow.

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    Important Loved it

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