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Jacqueline Du Pre: Her Life, Her Music, Her Legend Jacqueline Du Pre S Talent Fascinates Because It Reminds Us That We Are Not All Created Equal She Was Beauty And Genius, As Well As Tragedy, Personified At Twenty Seven, And At The Pinnacle Of A Brilliant Career, The Unthinkable Occurred She Was Felled By Multiple Sclerosis.Elizabeth Wilson Traces Du Pre S Life From The Earliest Stages Of Her Career To Her Marriage To Pianist And Composer Daniel Barenboim To Her Premature Death Now, Du Pre Not Only Lives On In Her Extraordinary Recordings, But Also In This Authoritative Account Of Her Life.

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    The sheer amount of research that must have gone into this book is mind boggling After a multi chapter overview of Du Pre s parents background and her cosseted childhood, Wilson chronicles what feels like every minute of Du Pre s brief, 6 year international career 1967 1973 , including excerpts from reviews of every concert as well as from people who were in the audience as you can imagine, it can get a bit tedious at times How many times can I read that Du Pre was incredibly passionate, and that people either loved or hated her demonstrative style of playing But for people who love the cello, love the cello repertoire, and admire Du Pre s playing as I do , sometimes the minutiae are a delight to read Nonetheless, even though I m a cellist who grew up listening to and emulating Du Pre s recordings, I found myself skimming at times I especially enjoyed the details of Du Pre s whirlwind romance with Daniel Barenboim, her conversion to Judaism, their wedding in Jerusalem, and the excitement of Israel s victory in the Six Day War and the concerts Barenboim and Du Pre risked their lives to perform for the troops Once they are married, though, the book becomes a compendium of concert tour details as of course it would.I knew that the book would have a sad ending anyone who loves Du Pre knows that her career was cut tragically short by Multiple Sclerosis MS I didn t real...

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    Jacqueline du Pre was a once in a lifetime musical genius a cellist who during her lifetime performed the entire cello literature and was know as one of the best loved musicians of this century Her lifetime was a short one and she died at age 27 from muliple sclerosis Though her career was short lived, she achieved than most musicians of her calibre could do in a lifetime The book details her marriage to conductor and pianist, Daniel Barenboim, who stood by her from beginning to end Her relationships with her family were complex and a movie depicting the complicated relationship between her sister, Hilary has been made into a movie There was a lot in this book and much of it was over my head as far as the musical references but it was a very interesti...

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    Interesting book, but written very much from the perspective of a musician lots of commentary on qualities of specific recordings I have never heard Might be interesting to read again when I have and compare.

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    Hard book to end since it was a very compelling story Well written and deftly focused on her genius, music, and slow demise through illness I loved meeting all the musicians, the music and her family A great book for anyone interested in Jacqueline.

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    Biographies tend to banalise genius Better to look for Jacqueline in her music.

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