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  • Kindle Edition
  • 328 pages
  • The Ordinary
  • Karen Richardson
  • 10 June 2019

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    3.5 stars.This was a really fun read and I m glad I finally picked it up After letting it collect virtual dust on my kindle for over a year, it was about time I read this So let s start with all of the things that I liked The story gets started right away And what I mean by that is that there isn t an elaborate setup that tries to shove all of the worldbuilding down your throat and make you care about what s happening Instead we re thrown into the thick of things with Natalie as she navigates a world that is both familiar and foreign to her The worldbuilding itself was quite well done There weren t a lot of info dumps, which is always appreciated, and things were complex without getting too technical It also wove in the ordinary world with the world of the Essentials really well The real world felt real and some familiar places even cropped up on occasion , but it didn t feel forced I was also really happy with the writing There are a few things that could be polished to make the read a little smoother a few out of place commas and a couple of oddly placed words , but it was overall well written At times the descriptions would be a little too detailed, or describe things that didn t seem entirely necessary, but that is something that will likely be improved with future installments with practice in writing and story telling Alright, let s move into the things that I had some problems with The romance in this was a little off to me I understoo...

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The Ordinary This Is A Previously Published Edition Of ASIN B06X1CKVTF You Can Find All Editions Of This Work HereNatalie Has Waited Her Entire Life To Spread Her Proverbial Wings And Teach Those With Actual Wings How To Blend In With The Ordinary World They Have Been Well Hidden From Most Of Their Lives Her Father, A Historian, Who Stumbled Upon The Essential World And Somehow Managed To Insert Himself Into The Fairy Like Kingdom, Gave Her The Opportunity To Merge Her Love Of Teaching With Her Interest In The Magical, Energy Wielding Group However, Her Quiet Days Of Teaching Do Not Last Long And She Finds Herself In The Midst Of Surrounding Kingdoms Conflicts And Smack Dab In The Middle Of A Violent Search For The Ordinary Heir To The Kingdom Of Kapleton S Throne Haunted By A Recurring Dream And Caught Between Chris, The Man She Thought She Would Marry, And Jordan, An Essential She Is Unexplainably Drawn To, Natalie Tries To Manage This New, Tumultuous World She Has Become A Part Of Natalie May Have Gone To Kambrasia To Teach Essentials How To Live In The Ordinary World, But Will She Survive In Theirs

About the Author: Karen Richardson

In March 2016, Karen was a full time momma to three children and the wife of 20 years to the amazing history Professor, Dr Kim Richardson Seriously If you can take his class you should Her days were filled with laundry, housework, boo boo kisses and an IDEA I m taking the kids Go write her amazing husband would say and little by little she unleashed a creative side of herself that had p