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Headhunters Armed With Credit Cards, Forged Documents, And Faux Jewelry, Four New Jersey Women Head To Monte Carlo Posing As Four Of The Richest Women In The World Their Plan Is To Meet Mr Right Also Known As Mr Rich The Problem Is That They Ve Pulled Off Their Scheme So Perfectly That They Ve Attracted Four Charming, Elegant Men Who Have A Very Similar Plan In Mind.

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    Four women need to find some rich men, so they masquerade as heiresses Unfortunately, they pick up four men masquerading as heirs As the plot becomes increasingly convoluted, you are sure that the author will never be able to entangle it all, but she does A light read a fast read a fun read.

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    It s a light read, but entertaining and I appreciate the immense amount of detail that is in this book It made me want to bask in Monte Carlo, myself

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    The great movie Monte Carlo is based on it so I have high expectations

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    A light, easy read Pretty predictable.

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    The movie Monte Carlo was based on this novel so I ll give it a shot

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    Very humorous Great characters and a fun plot

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    I read this book many moons ago and loved every minute of it

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    I couldn t finish it I tried multiple times Maybe I ll try again in the future but I have too many books calling my name to get boggled down with this one.