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The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror After Reflecting On His Support Of A Losing Democrat For President, George Soros Steps Back To Revisit His Views On Why George Bush S Policies Around The World Fall Short In The Arenas Most Important To Soros Democracy, Human Rights And Open Society As A Survivor Of The Holocaust And A Life Long Proponent Of Free Expression, Soros Understands The Meaning Of Freedom And Yet His Differences With George Bush, Another Proponent Of Freedom, Are Profound In This Powerful Essay Soros Spells Out His Views And How They Differ From The President S He Reflects On Why The Democrats May Have Lost The High Ground On These Values Issues And How They Might Reclaim It As He Has In His Recent Books, On Globalization And The Bubble Of American Supremacy , Soros Uses Facts, Anecdotes, Personal Experience And Philosophy To Illuminate A Major Topic In A Way That Both Enlightens And Inspires.

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror
  • George Soros
  • 01 April 2019
  • 9781586483593

About the Author: George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian American financier, businessman and notable philanthropist focused on supporting liberal ideals and causes He became known as the Man Who Broke the Bank of England after he made a reported 1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crises Soros correctly speculated that the British government would have to devalue the pound sterling.Soros is Chairman of

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    It was shocking to read how George Soros has no compunction about using his billions to create political global change He s a leftist version of Donald Trump in many ways on how he views the power his money has given him I respect him for having passion for his causes and putting his money where his mouth is However, I have serious issues with how much power one human being can have by using his money In 2004 Soros spent millions to mak...

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    I had never heard of George Soros until I read an editorial he sent in to the Wall Street Journal The editorial piqued my interest and so I looked him up and discovered this book The Age of Fallibility is very well written and presents very complicated theories in an easy to grasp from Soros writes with the mentality of someone that really wants to get his point across He tells you what he is going to talk about, talks about it, and then tells you what he just talked about This has the affect of seeming a bit repetitive, but at the same time, you realize that the ideas are actually sinking in The first half of the book is dedicated to Soros theory of reflexivity Basically, reality isn t a fixed thing that we work around, it is constantly changing because of our actions and our thoughts The idea of an open society is one that accepts that we will never reach a perfect solution to anything and so we must always work together to improve what we are doing, understanding that each improvement we make will require additional improvements T...

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    I read this book long ago and didn t remember much about it Other than maybe I thought Mr Soros was a very successful person in the field of finance with serious aspirations of creating a legacy for himself as a modern day philosopher.I re read this book because Mr Soros, quite frankly, worries me The book only served to confirm my worst fears about the rapid pace of change in the world It now reads, to me, a bit like Hitler s Mein Kampf a book I have read to about the half way point.In his book, Mr Soros is quite frank about wanting to change the leaning of the American media and describing how his numerous NGOs operate in the world He comes across as a faceless dictator intent on changing the world in his own image It is all well and good Mr Soros viewing an Open Society as a utopian aim dream, for a distant future that he would never live to see, it becomes a dangerous concept when somebody like him tries to achieve it in only a few decades My point is that Hitler had his Lebensraum and was willing to ...

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    Sadly being highly successful financially does not mean such a person can write a good book But it is a good way to gain some understanding of what makes such a man tick What really caught me by surprise appears on page 137 With so much money on hand, why not meddle with the world and get involved in regulatory overreach Here is what he says The prevailing world order is based on the sovereignty of states and states are entitled to resist outside intervention My foundations do not hesitate to get involved with the internal affairs of other countries after all, democracy is an internal affair but they do it as citizens of the country concerned The network consists of local foundations whose board and staff are preponderantly local citizens and they take responsibility for the actions of the foundations WELL NOW. those of us who know recent history are aware that the US government has been meddling with the sovereignty of other nations for several generations, e.g.., Panama and the Panama canal But this time it happens to be one powerful US citizen manipulating...

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    Excellent read I based part of my dissertation on this thing.

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    This was an interesting book I wanted to read some of the Left s thinking about globalism, open society, and other issues of their worldview It s important to better understand their perspective, to put their policy goals into the proper context I understand his goals and why open society is important Thankfully, Soros is not an advocate of a global government Though he has expertly exploited the global economy He is looking for cooperation and coordination of global leaders in order to better harmonize each individual states behaviors in the context of global issues such as, climate change, energy, terrorism, closed repressive societies, etc. for good of humanity These are all worthy goals Oddly enough, with his life experiences and in facing repressive regimes as a child, and in working through his foundations to open up closed societies, the authors approach to getting global cooperation appears to ignore that many actors just don t care, nor will they bend to the wishes of the global society, as many are tyrants, dictators, and just bad people In several of his suggestions about how to proceed, the proposed negotiation process with bad actors appears too soft, as he is not an advocate of force When in fact, finding a weak spot and exploiting it in negotiations can often produce resul...

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    I do like this book, but I don t think that it is a fantastic book The abstract concepts at the start of the book are interesting and, I think, are valid Also, I do like the manner in which George Soros links his thought to his personal work I do get the impression that he does walk the talk He is willing to ad...

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    return return Soros is here attempting to provide the American liberal tradition with a stronger intellectual base He is disarmingly frank about why he does it return return To sum it up, I believe I combine three qualifications First, I have developed a conceptual framework that has given me a certain understanding of history, and, in particular, what I call far from equilibrium situations second, I have a set of firm ethical and political beliefs and third, I have made a lot of money return return When you re in that position, you can write whatever you like, and it is therefore with some bemusement that the casual reader expecting a book on contemporary US politics will find that the first seventy pages actually address the nature of reality and its relationship to human thought, in order to better contextualise Soros ideal of an open society I m not especially well placed to rate this in terms of academic content of originality I never studied philosophy or politics, though I have been a practitioner of the latter, and I did scrape a little below the surfac...

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    This book is so impressive that I have to start my review by stating that I do not currently have the skills I would need to do this book justice If you like the political writings of Chomsky and Vidal you ll almost assuredly like this book.If you liked Orwell s 1984 you will almost assuredly like this book I would even say that anyone who liked 1984 would find this a modern sequel that is entirely adequate to the task In this book we get a very clear and honest look at the current state of the US through the eyes of a man I have a huge amount of respect for Soros started out as a philosopher, moved on to make his fortune, and since then has used that money to become an inspired and truly impressive philanthropist I haven t read about many wealthy people that didn t leave me with some degree of disappointment, whether I thought they were so full of themselves as to become caricatures, arrogant, cold, so self indulgent that they became functionally less intelligent usually something less than human But reading Soros I actually have hope for humanity That someone could be so wealthy and still have the integrity and humanity he shows again and again, there really is hope for the future In the book Soros discusses his philosophy on thinking and reality, what an open society is and why the US is having trouble being one, the current Bush policies, the war on drugs, the war on terror, how Bush could possibly have gotten re elected, how key professions have become busine...

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    George Soros devided his book into two parts In first part which has 2 chapters he tried to explain his conceptual framework Mr Soros expalin deeply about many issues which already familiar in philosophy about mind, reality and as his concern, open society Mr Soros concept on these subject influence stronly by his professor Karl Popper According to Mr Soros, reality is something that independent from our mind It means that reality is exist around us and waiting for us to understand it Understanding reality means we create a model or picture in our mind which is correspond with it On Open society, he said, an open society is an unperfect society which keep itself open to improvement.In the second part of his book, Mr Sorros tried to elaborate his concept and he stresses much thing that not rational on our era especially on the way USA mistreat other country We an say how USA arogant to other...

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