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Penguin Bloom: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family Hoe Een Kleine Vogel Een Familie ReddeMijn Naam Is Cameron Bloom Dit Is Het Verhaal Van Mijn Gezin Ons Verhaal Is Pijnlijk, Maar Ook Mooi Samen Met Mijn Vrouw Sam En Onze Drie Zoons Waren We Een Heel Normale Familie Maar Tijdens Een Zorgeloze Vakantie Maakte Mijn Vrouw Een Haast Fatale Val Ze Overleefde Het Net, Maar Raakte Verlamd Er Daalde Een Groot Verdriet Over Ons Ooit Zo Gelukkige Gezin Neer.Toen Kwam Penguin In Ons Leven Een Gewond Eksterkuiken Dat Uit Haar Nest Was Gevallen De Zorg Voor Penguin En De Liefde Die Ons Gezin Daarvoor Terugkreeg, Heeft Ons Laten Zien Dat Er Altijd Hoop Is Op Betere Dagen, Hoe Verloren Je Je Ook Voelt Dat Hoe Slecht De Zaken Er Ook Voorstaan, Medeleven, Vriendschap En Steun Uit De Meest Onverwachte Hoek Kunnen Komen.Penguin Bloom Is Uit Het Leven Gegrepen, Vol Eerlijkheid En Liefde, Met Adembenemende Foto S.

About the Author: Cameron Bloom

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Penguin Bloom: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family book, this is one of the most wanted Cameron Bloom author readers around the world.

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    4.5 Such a heartbreaking and yet beautiful little book A mother of three sons, a beloved wife and an ardent traveler, Sam Bloom suffers a terrible accident that will leave her paralyzed from the chest down A baby magpie that has fallen from her nest, wing broken, is taken home by the family to nurse and soon becomes an integral part of the Bloom family Despite the tragedy which is of course horrible, there is so much love in this book It shines through, in the photographs, which are gorgeous, but also in the smiles that light up the boys faces.The first part of the book is written by the husband, he provides the background on their lives before and after the accident He also took the gorgeous photographs In the last part we hear from Sam herself, and I so admire her honesty and truthfulness She also dedicates a part to those who are f...

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    Angels come in different forms, truly Sometimes they even meet each other and BAM we get a wonderfully inspiring book of one family struggle and ability to rebuild what they feared lost.I wish all the humanly ...

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    This is an amazing, remarkable and heartbreaking story about a wonderful family who have been through a horrific ordeal and together with the support of one another they manage to get through the toughest of times.Cameron and his wife Sam loved to travel which they did quite a bit of before they had their children Once they started having children they found they didn t have quite as much time to travel, but would when the opportunity arose As a family holiday they choose to go to Thailand, but it is on this particular holiday where Sam has an unfortunate fall, but this fall nearly ends her life and will change her and her family s life forever Sam fights to get through each day life as she once knew it will never return and trying to deal with that alone is than she can bare The day one of her sons discovers a baby magpie that has fallen out of its nest was the day that would change all of their lives, but this time in a positive way They call the baby magpie Penguin yes, you read that correct who has a broken wing and over the next few months they nurture the magpie and save its life In the meantime unbeknown to the little magpie she is helping a family heal and become the family they once were This story blew me away and I don t imagine I ll ever forget it What a beautiful family the Bloom family are and let s not forget that special magpie, Penguin ...

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    Everything about this book is just beautiful It s part animal story, part family struggle against awful circumstances, part motivational tale, part love story.Cameron Bloom s love for his wife bleeds through in the writing of this book, and the perfect use of pictures ensured that, before long, this reviewer was than a little teary But it s not all doom and gloom, in fact there are plenty of laughs to be had, and the overall feeling of positivity and being able to overcome the worst if you have the right people in your life and the right attitude will ensure that you come out of this book with a smile on your face, feeling genuinely uplifted.This story is so artfully put together, with a prologue to give us back story, an epilogue to share what s happened since, and a letter from Sam herself, written to people with spinal injuries similar to the one she su...

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    Just one look at the cover and I knew I was going to fall in love with this book It has many themes with love, the amazing power of the human spirit to overcome the worst life can throw at us and how saviors can come into our lives in the most unlikely of ways and sizes.Told mostly through the words of Cameron Bloom, we learn about as a teenager falling in love with the girl he would make his wife called Sam Soon they had a family with three beautiful boys and as far as all could see the world was there oysters That all changed when a terrible accident left Sam a paraplegic and saw her family hanging by a thread The Bloom s needed a miracle to keep there family from falling apart and it came in the form of the feathered kind She was called Penguin Bloom and over time became the bond that kept her family together and ultimately gave Sam along with her men the will to go on.There is simply nothing I can say that can describe the beauty of this won...

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    4.5 stars, only lacking toward the 5 in that it is a book of fewer words than I would wont The photos are 5 star The narrator is also the photographer and it s his family s story Extremely tragic and yet survived As a family and with the help of an animal who assisted and inspired within the process of taking every day as it came, when they could not be taken And also in those days of agony, which still are.Penguin is a Magpie rescued from an Australian parking lot by one of their 3 sons as a chick He was blown from his nest with a hurt wing and terrible condition with no hope of survival And YET Well, I won t tell you get this book and enjoy these glorious progressions yourself And ponder on the photos when you need some inspiration and aspiration toward goals that seem too painful or impossible to accommodate another hour No, another minute Despair, pain, being trapped to a place where you have lost any remnant of yourself forever that kind of future when you need to see any possibility ahead that could be tolerated by your spirit Sam the wife this is primarily her story and Penguin s But no, it is also the entire family s as a unit their cohesion and shared pain How they almost dissolved This I know does happen with such dire physical conditions More often than not, it does Stroke, cognitive impairment, paralysis etc Where did I go conditions of WH...

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    Sie entschied sich f r uns Nicht weil es ihr an Mut gefehlt h tte, der eigenen Ausl schung ins Auge zu blicken, sondern weil sie den viel gr eren Mut hatte, weiterzuleben S.97

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    Cameron Bloom and his wife Sam had travelled all over the world before their children arrived Cameron was and still is an exceptional photographer and had met Sam one day after surfing at a Sydney beach when she was working in the caf he visited Once their three boys were old enough, they decided to travel to Thailand for a long overdue holiday It was during that holiday that Sam had an almost catastrophic fall one which almost ended her life it certainly ended the way of life she had always known.The extremely long and arduous road to recovery left Sam deeply depressed the discovery of the injured magpie chick one day was a turning point in their lives Named Penguin, that magpie chick needed a lot of love and attention herself Close to dying, she slowly recovered and devoted herself to giving cheer to Sam The closeness of that one bird to a severely injured Sam meant they helped each other Penguin s beautiful warbling notes would greet the family when they arrived home and when the boys turned the corner from school, Penguin sang to them, and they imitated her Penguin Bloom The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family by Aussie author Cameron Bloom and New York Times Bradley Trevor Greive is a beautiful book which is filled with breathtaking and funny images of a mischievous magpie and the family she gave hope to the amazing courage of Sam and her resilience and strength is awe inspiring The heartache she and her family have gone through then the a...

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    This book is really just a series of photos of an Australia family coming to terms with their mother being crippled and how the simple act of adopting and raising an abandoned magpie chick changed all of that.But there is so much to this book I knew of the project long before it was turned in to a book let alone one that had international distribution The fact that this part wild magpie took to the family and as much adopted them as they did it is incredible but the healing and I much as much emotional as well as physical that came about because of it is just as remarkable.Now reading this book you have a lot of painfully honest and frank comments and observations some of which can be quite painful to read but it all adds to the power of the photos a bird play with a pink sock or an unimpressed bird taking a shower with small boy in the evening sun.The book has some amazing photography and a powerful message of recovery and determination, yes it can be seen as being over...

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    I ve followed Penguin on Instagram for quite a while nowIt was good to get backstory about the family and what they have been through.

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