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Dont Rant & Rave on Wednesdays! Anger Can Be A Powerful And Frightening Emotion For Children To See In Others And Experience In Themselves Dr Moser Explains The Causes Of Anger And Offers Methods That Can Help Children Reduce The Amount Of Anger They Feel He Also Gives Effective Techniques To Help Young People Control Their Behavior, Even When They Are Angry Informative And Fun, Dr Moser Examines The Complex Feelings Of Human Anger With The Proper Blend Of Sensitivity And Humor David Melton S Colorful Illustrations Are Bright And Witty.

10 thoughts on “Dont Rant & Rave on Wednesdays!

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    This book can be used to teach students with emotinal issues stratagies to cope with their anger Some of the examples are to stay away from people until you calm down Also, I thought it did a good job ...

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    This book is all about being angry It explains that there are many things that can make a person angry, but that does not mean it is ok to hit, fight, or scream There are seveal coping strategies for anger throughout the book.

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    I used this book in 4th grade, but it can easily be used 3rd 5th It s a lighthearted book that discusses anger Anger isn t bad, but how you deal with it could be It gives children multiple ways to cope with anger It s a great bridge book to think feel do and conflict resolution

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    I learned I can count, get a grown up to ask for help, or exercise.

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    I would omit some parts, but overall good for helping little ones recognize and deal with anger.

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