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Star Wars An Authoritative Companion To The Climactic Final Chapter In The New Star Warstrilogy, This Essential Visual Guide To Star Wars Episode IX Explores The World Of The Movie In Unparalleled Detail Star Wars Episode IX Visual Dictionary Features The Fascinating Characters, Planets, Vehicles, And Aliens That The Heroes Of The Resistance Will Encounter In Their Battle To Defeat The First Order Produced In Close Collaboration With Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode IX Visual Dictionary Delves Into The Backgrounds Of The New Characters Seen In The Movie, As Well As Providing In Depth, Updated Character Profiles Of Beloved Star Wars Heroes, Such As Rey, Poe, And Finn The Book Also Contains A Handy Visual Recap Of The Events Of Episodes VII And VIII, And Stunning Cross Section Artworks Of Key Vehicles

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    As a former graphic designer, I ve been loving these DK books since my first one back in the late 80 s either SHELL or SKELETON can t remember which Started off with their natural history titles, then got into the much larger regular history books Civil War and both World Wars , travel guides, and finally their kind of oddball volumes Explorers, Warriors, Mountaineers, Commanders basically whatever looked cool on the Barnes Noble bargain table But for sheer enjoyment, it s hard to beat their movie TV tie ins, like Doctor Who and now the Star Wars volumes I just saw Rise of Skywalker, so found this both a fun and informative follow up It s at its best when highlighting the various aliens, ships and weaponry, but kind of drags when it gets into lengthy bios of background human characters you ve seen one Resistance pilot, you ve seen them all There s also a lot of extraneous backstory on both people and planets that I m tempted to say Hidalgo pulled straight out of his ass but seeing the humongous bookshelf at BN devoted just to Star Wars fiction, I m pretty sure every minor character and location in this whole book has had at least one story written about it.As with Doctor Who, there are a lot of unnecessary or downright dumb photo captions hair coiffed to Hux s exacting standards, determined gaze scans surroundings for dangers and opportunities, or simply trigger, with a helpful arrow pointing to the unmistakable trigger on a blaster pistol But then spotting the silly amidst the interesting is half of the fun

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    If you enjoy getting into the weeds of the Star Wars Universe, then this book, like others in the series, is just perfect A trove of background information it places the new movie in perspective providing motives and information that could not be brought forth in the movie without mountains of exposition It might go a little too deep for the casual viewer, or even a diehard fan of the movies does anyone really need to no about Faddaff Davenspon Still, anyone who enjoys the movies would enjoy flipping through the book and finding about the background details that might have been missed.

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    Not bad A little something for everyone Some folks are really into the weapons and technology Others just want a cute picture book for their kids I like how the Visual Dictionaries provide backstories for the background characters and help fill in some of the gaps in the story Although I m annoyed that Rose gets a brief blurb while J J Abrams lil buddy got a two page spread And why did the folks who showed up at the end of the movie get left out I was hoping to learn about Wedge Antilles and Wicket.

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    As with other books in the series this is a great character reference especially the obscure but fascinating background characters Unfortunately it doesn t cover some of the major character developments and plot points of the film too spoilery I guess Also, the format is smaller than all of the previous volumes save for the Solo Visual Dictionary which is kind of annoying.

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    Detailed and lovely to look at, but I laughed out loud at the author s valiant attempts to explain some of the gaping plotholes in the movie I appreciated the effort I would ve liked to see how he explained Ben Solo s TIE fighter getting to Exegol, since TIE fighters don t have hyperdrives forgetting how the heck it was in flyable condition to begin with.

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    The TROS visual dictionary is chock full of information Maybe too much of stuff that s not important and not enough of the stuff that is But it definitely adds to the enjoyment of the film Any omissions will probably be told in future stories.

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    This one is a good deal chunkier than the past visual dictionaries, with installments on most of the characters I loved the focus on the side characters in this, and the timelines given for each one As always, the fun facts are very appreciated.

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    If you like Episode IX, then this is a must buy It s called the Visual Dictionary, but it looks a lot like the Visual Guides from Rogue One and from Solo Compared to the other VD s, this one has a lot to be read and it just covers characters, ships and locations.

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    Silly facts and made up info with new connections to the past since the destruction of the EU.

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    The Visual Dictionaries are must haves for Star Wars fans Not only are they filled with some amazing artwork and photographs, but will give fans a deeper understanding of the Star Wars universe.

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