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10 thoughts on “Mine Eyes Have Seen: A First-Person History of the Events That Shaped America

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    Huh I didn t read this book cover to cover There isn t a point It s everything you learned in your 7th grade history class, no new, informative information in it However, it features words said by people from that time period, and we see how they truly felt about what was taking place We get a feel for...

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    Really interesting about 120 events in US History with a first person account diary, letter, journal, etc I love the conversation between Jefferson and Adams, debating about which of them should write the draft of the Declaration of Independence, as described by Adams Adams gives Jefferson 3...

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    An interesting reference type book of events in US history, told through first hand accounts The first hand accounts are what make the book really interesting it s not just another history book or book about history, but it has littl...

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    Notes an odd mix of storiessome are violent and have strong languagedidn t come away from this book feeling like I knew mildly entertaining at best

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    Entertaining for U.S history lovers Proves once again that primary sources are always the best, but snippets are very short.

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    Interesting Nonfiction collection of first hand accounts of U.S History Very interesting

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Mine Eyes Have Seen: A First-Person History of the Events That Shaped America Imagine Being Able To Go Back In Time, Through Four Colorful Centuries Of American History, To Witness The Most Memorable Events That Shaped Our Nation By Bringing You Nearly 150 First Person Accounts Of Such Pivotal Moments, Mine Eyes Have Seen Offers A Direct Link To The Past, From The Earliest Days Of Our Struggles For Independence, Our Expansion Into New Territories, Our Wars Against Our Enemies And Against Each Other Through Our Emergence In The Twentieth Century As One Of The Youngest But Most Powerful Nations In The World Here Are Excerpts From Diaries, Memoirs, Letters, Courtroom Transcripts, And News Reports That Will Carry You From The Days Of John Smith And Pocahontas To The Age Of The Computer.