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Postcards from the Asylum Karen Knight S Poetry Is Deceptive, Disarming From Somewhere Behind The Muted Music Of A Line, The Delicate Web Of Imagery, When You Least Expect It, Comes The Blare Of A Wake Up Call This Is Dark Material, Held Up To The Light And Examined With Skill, Sensitivity And A Life Affirming Humour Dilys Rose, ScotlandPostcards From The Asylum, Karen Knight S Fifth Poetry Collection, Won The Arts ACT 2007 Alec Bolton Award For An Unpublished Manuscript These Poems Arise From Her Experiences As An Inmate At The Royal Derwent Psychiatric Hospital In 1969.

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    Karen Knight is one of Australia s most respected poets She s won a wide number of awards and grants, and has been a writer in residence both in Australia and overseas Her previous poetry book, Under the One Granite Roof, took on the subject matter of Walt Whitman s period on the battlefield during the U.S Civil War Her latest collection is closer to home Postcards from the Asylum places itself in the heart of one of the least explored, most intense subject matters incarceration in a mental hospital In the microcosm of the universe this book inhabits, nothing is too black or bleak to laugh at Laughter and wry objectivity form a talisman against a loss of self pain and sorrow.The poems chart Knight s own experiences at an inmate at the Royal Derwent Psychiatric Hospital in the late sixties Although the reader feels the raw pain in the poet s voice, the pieces never sink into self pity or sorrow Most of the poems are brief, and the ironic lightness of Knight s voice coupled with the darkness of their subject matter, makes for powerful reading Always there is hope and even joy at the fringes of the pain There is romance in the hospital There is black humour in such things as the girl who escaped from the hospital and painted everything she could green including don t jump over the River Derwent There is bribery and blackmail basket weaving courses odes, sonnets, and Paradelles funky food queues and both real and metaphorical flowers It s intens...

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    Very moving accessible poetry Loved this