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Queer Social Work This Collection Of Case Studies That Model LGBTQ Affirmative Social Work Practice Offers Real Life Scenarios From A Range Of Social Work Scholars, Educators, And Practitioners, Representing Diverse Sexualities, Genders, And Intersectional Identities Together, They Demonstrate Contemporary, Multilevel, Queer Affirming Social Work Practice With LGBTQ People And CommunitiesThese Fourteen Case Studies Follow Social Workers Across The Country On Their Quest For Quality Service Provision For Vulnerable Populations Chapters Explore Issues Such As Finding Trans Affirming Care For Teens, Methamphetamine Abuse Among Elderly Gay Men, Previously Exploited Teens Reentering Foster Care, Navigating Nonmonogamous Relationships, And Each Chapter Offers Concrete, Comparative Case Formulation That Depicts Culturally Responsive Work With LGBTQ People By LGBTQ Social Workers These Diverse Vignettes Showcase A Range Of Life Experiences And Explore How Factors Like Religion, Age, And Immigration Status Affect Social Work Practice The Case Studies In This Volume Integrate Best Practice Standards And Interventions, Social Work Ethics And Competencies, And Clinical And Critical Theories Queer Social Work Is A Progressive Pedagogical Tool That Provides A Forum For Marginalized Communities And Individuals As Well As The Committed Practitioners Who Serve Them

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